This fine British manufacturered longarm is a standard .577 caliber Enfield Pattern 1853 Type 1 rifle-musket as carried by hundreds of thousands of Union and Confederate forces in the field.

F. c1846 Antique HARPERS FERRY U.S. Model 1842 Smoothbore INFANTRY MUSKET Antebellum Musket Made in 1846 Here we present an antique Harpers Ferry U.S. Model 1842 Percussion Infantry Musket, manufac, BEAUTIFUL,  AUTHENTIC  CIVIL WAR STYLE 54 CAL  CAP LOCK  LONG RIFLE MADE IN SPAIN BY ARDESA!! Perhaps the star is a crown? Any thoughts about value and recommended sale is appreciated. has crown to left of hammer 1862 to right of hammer all on RS. $ 2,250.00. Saxonian Kingdom, Model 1850, caliber 14.64, manufactured Malherbe/Liege. Send him an email about your rifle and I’m certain he will help, he would also be the dealer who could sell it for best price. Any thoughts on it’s value and where I might sell it, are much appreciated. Merry Christmas! Im pretty sure its a Smith and Wesson Model 1, 2nd issue. That is very important to the value, measure from the breech to the muzzle - do not include the breech plug tang. What is the length of the barrel? Especially how much it might be valued at it it was actually used in the Civil War. I am not an appraiser so I won’t quote prices however I will include an attachment below from Flaydermans Guide of Antique Weapons that will help with value. Here we present a U.S. Harpers Ferry Hall Breech-Loading Model 1819 Percussion Mus, J.P. MOORE & SONS Antique CIVIL WAR P-1853 ENFIELD Rifle-Musket .58 Caliber NYC Sub-Contractor for the Colt Firearms Company Here we present an antique Enfield Pattern 1853 Three Band Rifle-, Civil War MOWRY Model 1861 Musket NORWICH Contract Civil War US Model 1861 with BAYONET and SCABBORD! I have a Tower 1862 that I am trying to get information on for a friend. I attached some pics hoping it would help. Hope this helps, Merry Christmas and best regards, Gene. I have two Civil War rifles and one pistol that my father collected.

This would be perfect for a Civil War Reenactor or Living Historian that wants a firearm that goes up in value.

I know it’s one of a bout 70 some guns made way back in 1860s(?

Come join the discussion about optics, makes, models, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! We do this to assure you are getting the firearm you want, by describing condition to you in person.

There are many reference books that have been published over the past 10 years that are an absolute must for all CW collectors.

Several folks around here have looked at the weapon and had no clue. I was able to get with him today to get images of the gun and markings. All have sniper’s sights, marked to 800 meters maximum and there are five triangular bayonets, some with scabbards. Are the proof marks on the barrel breech visible or have they been lost with the pitting?

That is about all I know about this gun.

It also has a Lane extractor.

Thank you in advance.

Have a old 36 Cal Navy Made Powder Pistol .Have mold to make bullets ,caps,and tools and case…Don’t know much about it…I believe it was made in1845.I have pics.Thanks…I would like to sell. I almost threw the gun away as my father had hidden it in a box wrapped in one of my grandmothers linen tablecloths under old Christmas lights!

Thank you very much for your reply. If necessary, I can provide images of the weapons, but I do not have them at present.

Reference books; Barrel length 39”.

Sounds like with 147,000 of these it is not that rare, but in any case we now know what it actually is. David, it’s not exactly my expertise, but I did do a google search and found many similar shotguns.

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