6) Original Placement, Antenna Position 3: Removed the cardboard box from config (5), but kept everything else the same. Semi-directional antennas emit radio waves in particular pattern and direction antennas transmit energy in a particular direction only. 4 Wi-Fi Tips from Former Apple Wi-Fi Engineer | The Mac Observer. Over the years, I tried 9 different routers from companies like Linksys, Buffalo, Apple and Netgear, as well as multiple range extenders from brands like Belkin and TP-Link. I will explain that to you in a second. As you slowly walk around the apartment with your laptop, press the left-click key to discover where you get the best coverage. 5) Fully Elevated, Antenna Position 3: Identical to (3) but with side antennas set to a 90 degree outward angle (parallel to the floor). If you point it in the wrong way, you will have less signal strength and less WiFi speed. When you angle the antenna at 45 degrees, you have to picture that donut tilting at 45 degrees as well.” Moving the donuts around has a direct impact on your coverage area. That’s a problem when you’re trying to stream Netflix, or do anything. 4) Fully Elevated, Antenna Position 2: Identical to (3) but with side antennas set to a matching 45 degree outward angle as the rear antennas. If you are using old encryption like TKIP or WEP, I suggest you move your WiFi security to WPA2 + AES. One of the best tools out there is called HeatMapper, and it is completely free and easy to use. Now I will show you how to make a long range WiFi antenna using cheap WiFi Adapter and Scrap Parabolic Dish Antenna. (Mostly on the same floor, would be good if basement has some wireless coverage too) Thank you Thank you for sharing your info. The signal should be fine through most normal-thickness walls, but mirrors can sometimes upset it. if you place the router up then place your antennas to receive up or what they call vertically polerized. I don’t think there’s any “best position” for these kind of things. You can get it from here, and you will be required to register and create a profile before getting started. (perpendicularity) is the relationship between two lines which meet at a right angle (90 degrees). If moving around the house with an adaptor in your hand sounds like too much work for you, one thing you could do is to use an app. For dual band routers having MU-MIMO and beam forming mostly, isn’t it better to leave all antennas pointing up? i mean, concrete and steel blocks it pretty badly but that’s because of the density of the material, well, anyway, just try to keep it a bit upright. One of the main reasons why this will affect reception is because the signal can’t pass through rigid materials like bricks, rocks and metal. One other thing is avoid having it near any mirrors if possible. What if you have... 3 antenna! Some client devices have antennas in vertical orientation, some horizontal. The client pings the host machine with your choice of protocol (TCP or UDP), and package size (in this case, a single megabyte of data), and the host records and relays the result of that ping back to the client. Required fields are marked *. Still related to this subject, it is key to make the most of the antenna that you already have. Otherwise it may affect their spacial capabilities. Ah ha, I think I'm beginning to understand the role of multiple antennas on a router. There are various types of WiFi routers available in the market. Metal acts like a reflector [to radio waves] in much the same way that metal reflects light,” Whelan told me. From stdelago@gmail.com. Perhaps you meant the antenna should be placed at a 45 degree angle to work with either polarization. Once this is done, though, you will have access to a complete and easy guide on how to find the best spot for your Wi-Fi. And about WiFi security, for the best performance,  I suggest you go with the WPA2 + AES. When we talked about the middle of the room, we did not only refer to the center of it horizontally, but also vertically, so the closer the adapter is to the floor or the ceiling, the worse results you will get. Also, the article mentioned this: Can someone recommend a good book on home wireless networking? Then I angled the side antennas down to a 90-degree position (Config #5), and, BINGO! Which the best WiFi antenna orientation for maximum coverage? The WiFi routers does its work best only when all the parameters such as WiFi antenna position, WiFi antenna pointing, WiFi router position, WiFi security and WiFi antenna orientation orientation is done correctly. can mirrors do that ? Speeds improved in Zone D by 2,000 percent, and in Zone F by a staggering 64,000 percent, over the previous configuration. Required fields are marked *. The use of receiving antenna (USB WiFi Adapters) depends upon whether the station is portable or not. In case your router has 3 antennas you can place the middle antenna straight upward. Netgear recommends that the center antenna be vertical and the two outboard antennas be set at 45 degrees. Help us to improve by rating this page. Another important aspect is to get rid of all devices that are placed next to the router. 2600 sq feet two story. WiFi Antennas are of various types. You can study antenna designs if you pick up a coppy of the ARRL antenna hand book used by amiture HAM radio operators every where. However, this represents an optimal arrangement, without any impediments to the signals as they disperse around the house.

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