Was the design basis of Dragon’s expansions too much to accommodate potentially overpowered odd/even decks? I also like the Necrium Apothecarium nerf, delaying that play one turn should give the opponent more chance to respond to it. Has returned to the Battlegrounds Hero Pool. Do we know if buffs to Selfless Hero in battlegrounds apply to the rest of the modes? pretty standard nerfs, nothing to kill anything, besides shaman that is way down to tier 2-3 now. Top Tier Winrate Classes will be nearly the same percentage. Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, add 2 random Dragons to your hand.They cost (1). Might that be an interesting topic to delve into? . I totally disagree with 1-2 class supremacy. All three bufffs seem quite good. Value? Priest will be tier 0…. Getting 3200 dust, than you can recraft it for 1600 (normal) ;). Now reading comments about everybody complaining about Priest, but what about Hunter? Also, Necrium Apothecary? Blizzard usually sticks to their patch cycle pretty strictly and most of them come out around 10 AM PT (19:00 CET). So, Queen wagtoggle now buffs all tribes with 2 atk for 1mp.and jaraxus buffs only demons with 1/1 for 2 mp… Sounds fair! We’ll start adding new meta decks to this post after a while (but mostly tomorrow, because the it’s around 2 AM my time when I’m writing this so I won’t stick around for too long). Tweak the cost here, tweak the cost there.. but hey, Dragon’s pack is now weaker with the card text changed. Very weak hero and with these bg buffs he is gonna reach the last place. It seems that the nerf patch was just released out of blue. We will see… Queen Wagtoggle gives that to a random minion of each type so in the best case scenario, she gives +2 attack to 4 minions (but you have to choose, either go for menagerie strategy to get full bonus, or not do it and get a much weeker HP) Jaraxus gives +1/+1 to all demons, so in his best case scenario he gives +1/+1 to 6-7 minions (but ofc you are forced to go into demon strategy or ignore the HP). Warrior was really strong and Scion’s nerf is probably called for, not sure about Ancharrr though… I feel like with the low chance of drawing it, making it a big swing card wasn’t a bad idea. And hunter will not be the top! You can play her if you are in need of a comeback and you are below 15 Health - which can be a very effective way to make your way back into a close game - or you can use it to advance your lead and force your opponent down to half life while playi… Not sure about those nerfs. It looks unprofessional. This card is bonkers. (i guess its really no problem if more than 24 are avaliable at a time tho). Bought all of the adventure wings with gold and have now 2500 gold saved up for next expansion and 10000 dust too. Plus, Quest Priest isn’t really a good deck when put against other decks in the other metas that existed. Blizzard usually sticks to their patch cycle pretty strictly and most of them come out around 10 AM PT (19:00 CET). Mayby they should invest more in testing stuff. You need to sell couple early demons for the t5 ones later on anyway. On the other hand, paying 700 gold per wing isn’t really a great return either. Hand Warlock will close the gap to the power rolls from galakronds too. Maybe also fast rogue builds but thats just my opinion. Was already afraid for this, in for a boring meta meh! Dragonqueen Alexstrasza – Her Battlecry can no longer generate another copy of herself. I’m nearly sure that some Heroes will leave, they just haven’t announced which ones yet. If you do play Pirate Warrior or Galakrond Warrior and Ancharrr / Scion of Ruin turn out to be viable, there’s no point in dusting them (because you don’t gain anything if you have to craft them right away anyway). The general idea behind it was to take the popular Auto Battler genre and translate it into Hearthstone. Wow, i nearly predicted 90% of that. I mean I’m a main Hunter (although I haven’t played it once since DotD, I’d like to play something else for once), but with so many strong Hunter decks right now I feel like meta is going back to a 1-2 class supremacy. And here are all of the nerfs in a single handy image in case you want to share them: Battlegrounds Heroes. As the year and meta (well, hopefully the latter eventually) settles, and given I have no idea where to ask this…. Some classes have cards that are outrageous while Priest have a reduce 1 cost to cards on hand invoke support equivalent. In short: it has a baked-in equilibrium that ~5-10% of the population can play it. FeelsGoodMan. Highlander mage is one of my most played archetypes this expansion. Thanks for the advice. But to be honest, I had hoped to “free craft” Dragonqueen to play with her a few days this week and then dust her for 100% refund. liquipedia Hearthstone. Quest priest candidate for tier 0? Imho this is true MOST of the time for cards in high rarities. Sorry for double posting… but I think it better belongs here: Erm… did I miss that… I was just able to disenchant Mind Blast and Vanish!? Hm… Never thought about the common thing, basically 200 dust for free? Once meta shifts, so is Quest Priest’s presence. Yeah let the class focus on Value other than focusing to Win using the Value generated. Dragonqueen Alexstrasza is a 9 Mana Cost Legendary Neutral Minion Dragon card from the Descent of Dragons set!. Flavor Text Givin' lives and takin' names. ¿Was it that strong at 3 mana? This all means that I need dust lots of it Will Blizzard compensate? Return of otk decks like Holy wrath paladin (or malygos decks – still not moved to the hall of fame) to counter priest? As a shaman main, i have to say this nerfs are unnecessary and fucking ridiculous. Their performance should improve quite a bit. On the other hand it feels a bit unprofessional to release two nerf patches in a short period. Alexstrasza is interesting in Constructed, as the ability to potentially do 15 damage with its Battlecry opens the door for Combo decks to revolve around that ability. 1 How to get 2 Notes 3 Strategy 4 Quotes 5 Lore 6 Gallery 7 … Battlegrounds is a different game mode in Hearthstone that completely changes the way you play the game. Pre Alpha Wikis. Whatever happened to Reno? Just go to 5 the turn after you went to 4 :) And if you hit Kalegos just go for the win :) (This was a close one though tbh) #15 Apr 23, 2020 (Second DH Nerfs) Formage. So, if you don’t need or want to craft anything else and you want to keep playing HL decks in Standard… keep Alex. If this is just a try to make the deck clunkier in its process to fully invoke Galakrond, sure, go on, but I feel like it won’t really affect Galakrond Zoolock itself. So 2 mana for freeze (also face) and 2/1 with rush is way more balanced.

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