Broad adaptability with very high Aphanomyces resistance. Vernal Alfalfa … Find Your Alfalfa SeedTo help you find the right alfalfa seed hybrid for you, use our Fall Dormancy finder below by clicking/tapping and dragging either side of the bar to narrow your results. 99. 25552 S. Butte Ave.

Disease, insect & nematode resistance. Add to: Wish List Add to Compare. As low as $9.99. Very high yielding, persistent, Dormancy 7 variety. Lot 4, Stirling Road FAST 'N FREE. +1(806) 746-5566, S&W Seed Company – Australia A seedbed must be smooth, firm, free of weeds and trash, and contain adequate moisture for germination and emergence. Download Now. Alfalfa seed is grown and alfalfa seeds are sold by our seed company. Medicago sativa L. alfalfa, is a long-lived perennial legume.

+61 88271 6000, Keith Production Caution should be taken when using alfalfa for grazing due to its potential bloat hazard. FREE Shipping. Without question, alfalfa is one of the most reliable sources of forage for producers.

Then click/tap the “COMPARE PRODUCTS” button at the top-right of the full list of products to see the results. Lubbock, TX 79404, Nampa Research & Development

... Alfalfa- Vernal-(Medicago sativa )500 Seeds - 50% off sale. 835 sold. Latest release that raises the bar in yield potential, 4th generation hybrid alfalfa using msSunstra Hybrid Alfalfa Technology, 10.4% yield advantage against competitors in 174 head-to-head, side-by-side comparisons, 5% higher yielding than HybriForce-3400 in over 5 years of research testing, Outstanding yield potential in the establishment year, Racehorse style of hybrid alfalfa with excellent disease protection, Broadly adaptive alfalfa that excels in a wide range of environments, Tall, dense, leafy hybrid alfalfa with fine stems, Gen-3 hybrid alfalfa using msSunstra Hybrid Alfalfa Technology, Improves yield potential and maintains quality beyond 30-day cut, Shows exceptional yield potential in good years and in drought years, Provides a dense, uniform stand of high quality forage, Awesome leaf retention in good conditions and under stress, Our highest yield potential branch-root alfalfa, Exhibits unique ability to modify root structure to match conditions, Our best alfalfa for tough establishment conditions, Awesome yield potential in the establishment year, Highly resistant to Aphanomyces root rot race 1 & 2, Outstanding persistence and winter survival, Excellent leaf to stem ratio for high quality forage, Designed and bred to handle the highest stress environments, Hi-Gest Hybrid Alfalfa for improved forage quality, Gen-3 hybrid alfalfa using msSunstra Hybrid and Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology, High milk/acre in delayed cutting situations, Impressive yield potential in the Magnum line-up, Unique ability to produce high yields across multiple environments, Exhibits high levels of resistance to most alfalfa diseases, Highly digestible forage resulting in high RFQ scores, Offers consistency in both yield and forage quality, Resistance to Aphanomyces root rot race 2, Latest release of branch-rooted non-hybrid genetics, Strong multi-race Aphanomyces resistance package, Grows very aggressively in the seeding year with great yields, Excellent yield potential and stand persistency, Very good establishment in challenging wet conditions, Outstanding disease resistance rating of 35/35, Great forage quality potential with a wide harvest window, Scores very well for winter survival and persistence, Resistance to Aphanomyces Root Rot Race 2, Very strong expression of the branch-rooted trait, Includes resistance to Aphanomyces root rot race 2, Selected and bred from saline soils in North Dakota, Exhibits high level of the branch-rooted trait, Best choice for good performance at an economical price, Economically priced for your marginal soils, High resistance to Aphanomyces root rot race 1 & 2, Early season weed control with glyphosate herbicides helps improve establishment success, Gen-3 hybrid using msSuntra Hybrid Alfalfa Technology, 5% higher yield than HybriForce-2600 in head-to-head trials, Very strong yield performance over the life of the stand, Available through Alforex Seeds, call 877.560.5181 for more information, High yield potential when irrigation is limited, Gen-2 hybrid alfalfa using msSunstra Hybrid Alfalfa Technology, Season long productivity to better utilize available soil moisture, Traces to high yielding genetics that were aggressively screened for high TDN, Excellent persistence when aggressively managed, Full spectrum disease, insect and nematode package, Screened for high forage quality during the breeding process, Excellent persistence for longer rotations, Broad spectrum insect, disease and nematode resistance.

9178 Lakeshore Dr. Our alfalfa breeding program is continuously driving improvements in our germplasm to create better performing varieties for our customers. It is grazed by all types of domestic livestock. However, the alfalfa seed for sale that you buy isn’t indestructible.
Compare Head-to-Head Want to compare specific alfalfa seed … Alfalfa may cause livestock to bloat. Pods of alfalfa range from the sickle type to those that are twisted into spirals.

High yielding outstanding all-around salinity tolerance. 1301 E. 50th St. $12.99. Mixtures.

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