The purchase agreement involves the purchase of an artist’s production by the gallery, which aquires exclusive ownership of … Option 2:All inquiries concerning purchase will be directed to the Artist’s gallery is very similar to Option 1 except that the Artist or the Artist’s gallery may prefer to have all inquiries about purchasing the Artwork directed to the Artist’s gallery as a representative of the Artist. The appearance of compromised work at, perhaps, a discounted price on the secondary market can adversely affect the value and marketability of an Artist’s other work. Surround the inner shipping box with peanuts or other high quality packing materials in an outer shipping box. This is, in fact, a common scenario: the Artist pays shipping and insurance to the exhibition, and the Exhibition Sponsor then pays the return shipping including insurance costs. If the money is handled through the Exhibition Sponsor, some of them may pay the Artist only at the end of the exhibition. When cleaning and checking the work before packing, take a few minutes to fill out the Condition Report form in detail noting any wear, blemishes, scratches, fading, tears, cracks. Their insurance will ideally cover Artwork during shipping or “wall-to wall” or “door to door,” so they don’t buy additional shipping insurance with the shipping company or agent. All the original packing and shipping materials should be designed to be reusable for return shipping. (See INVENTORY RECORDS: Documentation and Provenance in the Professional Guidelines. Artists are presented throughout their careers with a wide variety of exhibition opportunities. P O Box 455 Boulder Creek California 95006, Email: URL: The Gallery shall pay all amounts due the Artist before any proceeds of sales can be made available to creditors of The Gallery. Consignment. Usually the Exhibition Sponsor sends two signed copies to the artist. The Artist hereby consigns to The Gallery, and The Gallery accepts on consignment, those Artworks listed on the attached Inventory Sheet which is a part of this Agreement. The Exhibition Sponsor and publications should make every effort to credit the Artist and the photographer with proper photo credit in all ads and related publicity. The Exhibition Sponsor is not expecting to represent the artist over an extended period of time in the same way as a gallery. However, any claims against the Exhibition Sponsor for restoration or repairs shall survive until cured and any claims against the Artist for sales commissions shall survive until settled. VII. it is better not to risk misunderstandings and to prevent possible litigation, possibly turning to specialised consultants who are able to advise according to the best contractual solution. “Door to door” means essentially the same thing except it is the door of the Artist’s studio to the door of the museum.

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