Being unable to find what he's looking for, despair fills him, and his glowing fur started to dim. Recall that at level 5, Fighters gain Extra Attack, which means more hits with advantage. If you choose to take three levels in Fighter, Champion is a great archetype for increasing the probability of critical hits. The only requirements for his revelers are a sincere love of the Feywild, a talent for music or storytelling, and a willingness to set aside the prejudices of their former lives and live in harmony with the other revelers. Second, choose the Knight or Far Traveler background. If you want to be a min/max player, we recommend you find a new core class. Implying that any spell with a duration >12hrs would not be doubled, but rather capped at 24 hrs.

The Downside? CC Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License, cast two non-bonus action spells in one turn, Ultimate 5e Rogue Fighter Multiclass Guide, Ranger Paladin Multiclass Analysis article, cast an additional non-bonus action spell on a turn,,, Were they born into the service of their patron? Seriously, the amount of ideas I’ve gleaned from your posts has been valuable. The Monk's Unarmored Defense lets you calculate your AC as 10+ Dex Mod + Wis Mod.

Choose a favored enemy, gain advantages on difficult terrain, and choose an additional Fighting Style at level two to become an adept fighter and a natural party leader. Monk/Ranger: To gain the most from your multiple attacks, a Ranger’s Hunters Mark will add 1D6 to each of a Monk’s Fury of Blows. This build is useful for improving grappling and athletics abilities with Jack of All Trades (level 2) and Expertise (level 3). Despite the fun build, this can be a weak multiclass, as some of the Pacts do not mesh well or are redundant with Fighter abilities. You could also add medium or heavy armor proficiencies, depending on the Cleric’s Domain. By default though, you are only allowed to wear these few types of armor: As seen in the previous section, Magical Armor not made of metal is extremely rare and outright absent from many published WotC adventures. However, instead of multiclassing, you could choose the Magic Initiate feat to gain the Warlock spell Hex and gain the same 1d6 damage boost without compromising a level in Monk. That makes heaps of sense and sounds like a fun character concept. Gaining higher-level spell slots to expend on Smite and skills such as Jack of All Trades, you really can’t go wrong with a Paladin/Bard. A restrained creature repeats the saving throw at the end of its turn, ending the restrained condition on a success. The eldest son of Oran, the Green Lord, Hyrsam remembers the earliest days of the Feywild, before the Fey Courts were formed, and even before the fomorians held dominion over the plane. When raging, a Barbarian cannot cast or concentrate on spells. Having a three attribute class is not impossible, players may call you MAD (multi-attribute dependent) and say it’s a bad decision. But his teeth and claws are no less sharp than they once were... and his strength no longer depends upon bone and sinew, arising instead from the multitude of spirits and beasts who revere his name. Thanks Devo, we updated the instance where we implied Fighters give heavy armor. Wizard/Fighter: This combination will, again, provide proficiencies with armor, which will help a Wizard defend himself. Sorcerer/Paladin: This build is powerful when a Paladin is the core class, but, since Paladins are half-spellcasters, this can dampen a Sorcerer’s spellcasting abilities.

The Knight of the Fey table shows how many spell slots you have.

You won’t find too many powerbuilds with Cleric as the core class. The King of Bears rules the bears and lycanthropes of the North, served by a cadre of witches and oracles. Nothing on Shadow Monk / Rogue? Small but fierce! Why? If you multiclass, focus on abilities to beef attacks. At 6th level you can cast find familiar as a ritual, to summon a fey companion. Wizard/Rogue: Gaining proficiencies in light armor, a Wizard/Rogue will gain a much-needed boost in AC. Perhaps their patron sent them out with an objective in mind. Fighter Most Clerics stay out of the melee fights, but if you want a specific Cleric style, like War Cleric, you will find that Cleric/Paladin is your best option.

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