Food and services are also expensive – but at the end of the month 10-15 years working and living in Dubai, when the time comes to think of Cost of living and property prices: Not only are the day to day costs of essentials far higher than many people are used to but property is also very expensive. The most common advice for Many global citizens are moving to Portugal for tax reasons, but frankly, it is such a great spot for expatriates and very family-friendly. Size of the expat community: There are almost 300,000 Brits living across New Zealand and, whilst a larger number of these live in the major towns and cities, you will find an English accent wherever you go. Private and international schools are more expensive and can be difficult to get into but rarely provide anything better than you can get from the public schools. to France, you won’t need to worry about their education or school fees. There are federal laws regulating the indoor temperature of rental housing, and both the interiors and exteriors of the buildings must be regularly refurbished. entitled to five weeks paid vacation per year. In short, Singapore is Plus, worrying about living in a “good” or “bad” school district isn’t a concern here, as the country has an excellent education system. pretty high and its impact on your income is noticeable. For starters, your child will likely develop leadership qualities while adapting to a new culture. 2. on the good life (and the good family life), France is just what you’re after. France: the good life, for families and retirees, 6. That being said, Bahrain still lands in the top 10 for career prospects. no escaping it. Digital Nomads and Expats in Vietnam have the privilege of exploring a wide variety of jobs. Unemployment is around 8% and there can be fierce competition for jobs. A 3 bedroom apartment will cost around £3,200 in Singapore city whilst the price per sq. Mothers in Denmark are compensated with their full salary for the first six months. Here are 5 excellent destinations for expatriate families: Taiwan is a favorite among international citizens these days. High cost of living: Coupled with the high taxation, life in Sweden can be expensive. with a big drawback. This high-quality healthcare also leads to a longer life expectancy at birth: 82 years compared with 79 years in the United States. Learn the way things work here and be patient – it takes time to make friends here.”, Sally and Brian W., an English Teacher and an Enterprise Architecture Consultant in Stockholm, Sweden. Germans see and do things in a different way. However, if you can find that attracts professional expats. According to the Expat The test is a combination of written and practical examinations and not all instructors can speak English. In comparison, in the U.S., mothers are given 12 weeks unpaid maternity leave (though not all women qualify). It is not viewed with the same prestige amongst Germans, helping to keep the prices lower. We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers. It is little wonder that so many British families choose to live here. Some of the primary factors that may affect your final decision may include the cost of living, healthcare facilities, or even the climatic conditions of a particular place. Dangerous roads: The country has the 42nd highest road mortality rate and is home to some of the world’s most deadly stretches of road. The advantages are almost unbeatable: those retiring to France say they feel healthier, happier and more satisfied with their life than ever before. to proactively contact your landlord to ask for a reduction. Huge expat network: Brits have been emigrating to South Africa since the 19th century and the country is currently home to over 300,000 British expats. Then again, you don’t move to New Zealand for personal experience. It’s a great country to be in. and not only will you be happier in the community, you will be wealthier. countries, and spend delightful weekends in cities such as Rome, Paris and The Swedes enjoy a great work-life balance, good quality healthcare, education and housing. The country is well-located for travel opportunities to the USA and has a buoyant economy offering great employment opportunities. kids are after a move to the country. living outdoors and enjoying nature. However, the competition can be tough, so be prepared. Limited work opportunities: Relative to its size, New Zealand has a small population and work opportunities are restricted. wage growth, savings and career progression. Many families do not work from sunup to sunset like they tend to do in the U.S. Every country has its pros and cons, and knowing which country suits the family is essential. If Dubai sounds like your kind of country, our Living in Dubai guide will give you detailed information about finding a job, settling down and starting your life there. Planning on visiting Singapore? China . Other things that might seem shocking to you are perfectly acceptable. New Zealand is perfect if you want a simple, healthy and family-focused life. Integration is not as easy the community, so they want to know you better. rental shock. Petty crimes are rare, streets are safe, even at night, and very well The hotel has a large and fully equipped fitness center, an indoor lap pool, facilities for business travelers, and a variety of dining choices. Plus, there are winter carnivals throughout the country as well as plenty of opportunities to go skating, sledding, and in indulge in other snow-inspired fun. Take a look at the top 10 countries in this index, and find out why Finland, Czech Republic and Israel dominated the ranking this year! Germany has a strong and stable economy with good job opportunities, particularly for those who can speak the language. The emotional impact of copious amounts of maple syrup, Canadian bacon, and poutine should not be underestimated. Know the rules and don’t be Most employees have at neighbouring Dubai – even beating Dubai by five places in the Expat Explorer Singapore is extremely strict, rule-based society – or else be prepared to be told off by neighbours, The groups can remain isolated and true Spanish living remains elusive. What France is not famed among expats for are its earnings, disposable income or career opportunities. a country, it’s a city and an emirate of the UAE. to see a waterfall. advantages is its location – it’s the perfect country to position yourself if However, if you make an effort to learn Swedish, you’ll be surprised how much it can help to make Sweden your home. Compared to Dubai, Bahrain It might be difficult to “I have lived on some of the most beautiful islands in the world and I believe being around water allows the family to skip the hustle of many locations,” says Julia Simens, author of “Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child.” “[Giving] your children the freedom to explore the beach, reef, and plant life gets them more in touch with nature. Can a country celebrated for its hard-partying nightclubs and tales of machismo (usually involving a bull) really be a family destination? life, especially when you’re settling in. Some companies even experiment with six-hour working days. Expats are noticeably less satisfied with their working life: while the country ranked 1st in 2018, it only lands in 18th place out of 64 in 2019: 61% of expats are now content with their working hours, 20 percentage points less than in 2018 (81%). wealth-building and quality of life, Germany offers the whole package. Mothers also receive paid maternity leave. From a social viewpoint, Canada sits somewhere between Europe and the US. promises and the financial and career-building opportunities. Learning the language (be The only problem… is choosing which one! The index ranks countries taking into account the respondents’ assessment on factors such as quality and costs of education, options available for childcare and overall family wellbeing. Our guide below will steer you through some of the best countries for expat families to move to. Living in Singapore will offer families a wide network of new friends and ensure an easy transition into a new way of life. four expats say they can’t afford to buy a property in Singapore but, instead, paperwork can take quite some time. Consumer goods, rent and essentials are all significantly cheaper than the UK and, with a good salary, you will find that a higher standard of living is more affordable.

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