(Photo by Courtesy Netflix) The 58 Best Netflix Documentaries and Docuseries. Radical snagged the title of Best Foreign Film at the Long Beach International Film Festival in 2014. I'm Grace -- freelance writer & content creator for the outdoor travel industry. But outside of the urban meccas, Sri Lanka’s tangled green jungle, rolling hills, and surf-washed shores draw a different kind of traveler. to answer all of your questions This film was the original surf documentary, it paved the way for everything that surf media is today. Receive Costa Rica surf travel info, flash sales, insider perks, and more. They will not only transform your outlook but will make you see the world in ways you never imagined you could. YOU. Resurface is an incredible Netflix original about veterans who are learning how to surf in an effort to manage their PTSD. If you haven’t ticked Dogtown and Z-Boys off your old surfing movie bucket list, you’re in for a treat. AGENTES EN SERVICIO. Stunning cinematography, skilful storytelling, and the recognisably stylish Malloy direction are all swirled into this delightful 50-minute documentary. Warning: if you don’t live near the ocean this film is going to give you serious FOMO. He may very well be one of Brazil’s most celebrated surfers, but this movie shows what happened when the spotlight of stardom firmly focused on Figueiredo and his turbulent personal life began to derail his achievements. In just 2009 Sri Lanka saw the end of a brutal 26 year long civil war. The story goes on to show Bethany later in life as a professional surfer and, eventually, a mother. Robert August now calls Tamarindo home, and currently shapes boards at WRSC! These films encourage divers to take action to protect the ocean for generations to come. It’s been a minute since we wrote a blog post about our favourite Netflix picks, but what with — oh yenno — the whole ‘global pandemic and enforced quarantine’ thing, we thought it was about the right time to squeeze into your screens with some recommendations. His meteoric rise from the poor suburbs of his hometown to fame surfing the waves of Rio de Janeiro saw him at once celebrated and tarred with the brush of controversy. List Of Nonprofits Focused On Marine Conservation, You’ll find everything you need, plus the aloha spirit, at this full-service dive center, Tumors in Sea Turtles Linked to Pollution From Land. Our Reservations Office is We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Told through the powerful narration of a 6-year old boy, Given, follows the life of a traveling family of Legendary surfers Daize and Aamion Goodwin, who values experience over traditional living. The oh-Jesus-what’s-this-all-leading up-to-ness is reminiscent of 127 Hours or that thing Blake Lively was in where she pulled a mini Bethany Hamilton and spent most of the following scenes with her boobs spilling out of her wetsuit. A caveat: this isn’t just a surf documentary. The ocean is a proven method for treating PTSD. ARE. The entire nation breathed a sigh of relief, and finally, this beautiful teardrop shaped island opened up to the rest of the world once again. Magnetic takes the viewer from the snow-capped peaks of the French Alps to the wave-battered shores of Tahiti, all the while interviewing some of the most extreme athletes in the world on the poetry of a life lived chasing the elements.

Required fields are marked *. Our Reservations Office You’ll find it in the desolate islands, the hidden waterfalls, and the mysterious mountain temples. Here are 8 surf movies on Netflix that you can dig into right now. From the director of documentary Chasing Ice, this film follows a group of scientists around the globe as they document the widespread coral reef bleaching epidemic. Radical: The Controversial Saga of Dadá Figueiredo. Sign up for Scuba Diving’s weekly email and never miss another story. Scuba Diving may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Unlike that movie, Solo is based on true events and picked up awards at the Malaga Film festival upon its debut. is available 7 days/week to answer As someone who knows all too well the crippling effects of PTSD, watching this brought actual real deal tears to my eyes. This show will send shivers down your spine even thinking of being in water with waves that big.

It inspired thousands of surfers to venture away from the home breaks, into the unknown, in search of the perfect wave. Resurface is a Netflix Original short documentary about a suicidal war veteran who found healing through surfing and the redemptive power of the ocean. Featuring some inspiring stories of survivors of PTSD, depression, multi-limb amputations, this is an unbelievably heartfelt surf movie. A documentary series on Netflix, this show follows Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll with their meteorologist team. The documentarists dive into what it means to have a traumatic brain injury, to be suicidal, and to then somehow find reason to go on living after catching your first wave. As a family, they hop from continent to continent learning about various cultures, finding fun waves, and ultimately growing closer as a family. Ever since Making A Murderer debuted in 2015, introducing the world to the Avery and Dassey families and defining what would make for water-cooler TV in the streaming era, Netflix has been pushing out compelling documentary series and documentary movies one after the other. The film is beautifully shot, has a strong environmental message, and inspires viewers to get out there and enjoy ocean. Featuring Craig … This classic surf film recounts the quintessential moment when California’s skateboarding scene became infused with surf culture, culminating in the formation of the Zephyr skateboarding team. +506 2653-1238 The documentary follows his involvement in Operation Surf, a program set up to help other veterans dealing with the same kind of trauma. Described as an “anti-hero” of Brazilian surf culture, Radical portrays the story of accomplished surfer Dada Figueiredo. your questions and book your trip. Surfing is in the mix, as is spearfishing, coral mining, and long-distance swimming; all connected through the commonality of finding meaning in life through a deep resonance with the water. Política de privacidad: odiamos el spam y prometemos mantener seguro su email. scubadiving.com is part of PADI Media, a division of PADI Worldwide. So with that in mind, I decided to trawl through the listings and pick out the best of the current offerings.

It inspired thousands of surfers to venture away from the home breaks, into the unknown, in search of the perfect wave. sus preguntas y reservar su viaje. A PADI Worldwide Company. We couldn’t leave out a classic like The Endless Summer. In what has to be one of the most controversial (but best) surf documentaries ever made, Sea of Darkness is not without its conspiracies.

This film is moving, informative, and an overall feel film that will remind you just how impactful surfing can be on someone’s life. Throughout the years, Sri Lanka has been known by many names, but the one that perhaps describes it best is the old Persian name, Serendib, meaning ‘serendipity’. There is truly something on Netflix for everyone and that now includes surfers. Explore the life and work of Sylvia Earle, an oceanographer, marine biologist, environmentalist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence. The bustling streets of Kandy and Anuradhapura are quickly filling with tourists. Hey there, The Best Surf Films Streaming on Netflix Right Now. Sharks are analyzed from every angle in this beautifully shot BBC production, giving viewers insight into popular topics such as sharks' social lives, hunting habits, courtship and major threats. Email: witchsrocksurfcamp@gmail.comUS/Canada: 1-888-318-7873Costa Rica: +506-2653-1262Surf Camp Front Desk: +506-2653-1238, CommunityGuest ReviewsCommunity InvolvementWhy Visit Tamarindo?EmployeesRobert AugustFriendsOur Story, At the ResortSurf ShopEat at Joe’sEl VaqueroVolcano Brewing CompanyPueblo Dorado HotelDeals and SpecialsCancellation PolicyMap and Directions, Waves and BoardsWorld Class WavesWitch’s Rock and Ollie’s PointSurfboard Selection, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp – Tamarindo, Costa RicaEmail: witchsrocksurfcamp@gmail.comUS/Canada: 1-888-318-7873Costa Rica: +506-2653-1262Surf Camp Front Desk:+506-2653-1238, Copyright © 2020 | Witch’s Rock Surf Camp | All rights reserved | Privacy Policy, Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe.
Cozumel’s waters are always warm and the visibility is often up to 150 feet. We are proud to be located in some of the best resorts in Cozumel, with ideal locations in the southern marine park to access true world class diving. Starring Debby Ryan, the story follows that of a New York model and socialite who falls from grace — literally — with a viral video of her catapulting herself down a set of stairs in high heels. Copyright © 2020 Scuba Diving. Chris and his crew of fellow surfers, filmmakers, and photographers find themselves in Iceland with the goal of surfing the Arctic seas that surround the Faroe Islands. At 1 hour 50, this is one for when you want to get stuck into the stoke for a good long cocooning session. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this series of eight beautifully crafted episodes tours the wonders of the big blue, covering everything from alien-like creatures of the deep to animals who thrive in the polar seas to coastal-dwellers worldwide. Happy binging! In a series of 10 episodes, The Polar Sea takes viewers along on an incredible 5,600-mile expedition through the Northwest Passage, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific through the Arctic Ocean. Pssst: when you’re in the mood to trade the goggle box for a book, check out our shortlist of the very best surfing books to read. Unstoppable recounts the equal parts harrowing and uplifting story of a teenage Bethany who infamously lost her arm in a shark attack while surfing. Find out what life is like at the end of the Earth. Head to the Netflix archives now and get stuck in.

If the absolute cluster*ck that is the year 2020 has you feeling a little on the low side, I suspect these 8 surf movies on Netflix are just the thing to elevate your mood. 7 Things Divers Can Do Every Day To Help Our Oceans, List Of Nonprofits Focused On Marine Conservation, Share the Ecological Wonders of Galapagos with Your Family, House with Private Scuba Diving Tunnels for Sale in Kansas, Spare Air 300 and Spare Air 600: ScubaLab Field Test, Maui Diving-Scuba & Snorkel Center, Maui, Hawaii, Rescued Sea Turtle in Florida Keys Euthanized Due to Tumors Caused by Pollution, Garmin Descent Mk2i Dive Computer: ScubaLab Testers Choice. “War, Trauma, Surfing” is the films tagline and rightfully so as the film focuses on Bobby Lane, an Iraq War Veteran with chronic depression and PTSD. How long does a Spare Air really last underwater and does it provide enough air to get divers to the surface or to their dive buddy? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Surfing 6 surf videos you need to watch. Since then, the entire country has been in a constant state of growth. LLAMA AHORA A grouping of Surf movies, documentaries, and productions by Hollywood. Surf movies on Netflix are fairly few and far between, and when they arrive they don’t often stay for very long (I was sad to see that two surfing movies I would have loved to include on this list — Given and Under the Arctic Sky — are no longer available on Netflix). I spent the past few years living in China, Vietnam, and Thailand working as a blogger, TV presenter, and documentarist. Grab yourself a cold one and a plate of nachos, lads; and relax. This means we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. A caveat: this isn’t just a surf documentary. In this documentary, Earle highlights her organization — Mission Blue — and its goal to create a worldwide network of Hope Spots, or protected marine sanctuaries. Captivating filmography creates a visual treat for ocean-lovers in this documentary, which shows what goes on in the shallows of the seas. Psst: if you want to check out more of surfer Keith Malloy and his brothers, make sure to watch this beautiful short about their surf travels.
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