But all study of the Bible is pointless unless it leads us to encounter the One who is Himself the Living Word of God.

Bible Study Lessons is an entire website devoted to free Bible resources of all types: courses, workbooks, commentaries, eBooks, and others.

hope you will pursue your study of the scriptures using the skills you’ve begun to practice.

The Berean Study Bible (BSB) is a completely new translation of the Holy Bible, effective for public reading, study, memorization, and evangelism. Based on the best available manuscripts and sources, each word is connected back to the Greek or Hebrew text to produce a transparent text that can be studied for its root meanings. All — or at least most — of the lessons here are available in PDF format, and the site presents a structured, logical plan for you to follow. Faith Bible Study Guide Kenneth E Hagin How Faith Comes – Part 1 ..... 6 But as we will read and study in the coming weeks, Jonah doesn’t actually have many qualities that we would want to emulate. In Chapter 1, we see

– Eric Mason INTRODUCTION Jonah is often spoken of as if he was a “hero” in the Bible. At the end of this study guide there is a page entitled “Basic Inductive Bible Study.” This is the way I study. Old Testament Student Study Guide Prepared by the Church Educational System Published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Salt Lake City, Utah JONAH STUDY GUIDE - 4 “ Most of us like what God says, until we are called to action.

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