Stomach aches occurs after food intolerance or food poisoning. Black Pepper Allergy Stomach: Black pepper is however, very beneficial to use in daily diet. Producers derive this spice from dried berries from pepper trees, known as peppercorns, growing primarily in southern India, Ceylon and Malaysia.

The piperine enzyme present in black pepper will help in easy … Black pepper is a favored spice, included in most recipes, making it a difficult allergen to avoid. You can get rid of black pepper intolerance symptoms by just avoid using black pepper in your diet.

If the symptoms of your allergy to black pepper get worse over a few days, or if they do not get better with recommended treatment and removal of black pepper from your diet, you should call your doctor. Taking an antihistamine is the main treatment for a typical black pepper allergy.

Because allergic reactions can progress and worsen in minutes, medical attention is always recommended. the time of the food intolerance is shorter than allergic reactions. It helps to soothe any itching and sneezing related to having come in contact with the spice.

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