You’ve come to the right place! FREE gift with purchase: pie crust mix. So when you’re ready to dip your toes into the world of sourdough, a starter is Step One. COOKING WITH KIDS Trust me, the revolutionary experience of slicing into your own fresh-baked bread is worth the adventure. So when you’re ready to be on Team Sourdough, here are four types of places to source one. Thank you for the continued support and welcome to our family tree! This site tracks visits using Google Analytics, Sourdough Starter: Where to Get One, What Kinds Are Out There, My friend @kmjones542 showed me how her granny use, copy an intricate scoring pattern you saw on Instagram. Try my, Sourdough Discard: How long does it last? Over on the King Arthur Flour website, you can buy a... Get Some from a Friend. It’s powerhouse strength has produced hundreds of delicious loaves including soft sandwich bread, hearth-style-boules, bagels, waffles, and SO MUCH MORE! It’s the one non-negotiable for all naturally leavened foods. While, sure, people joke that it’s a pet, the truth is it’s adaptable to your lifestyle and fairly hard to kill. If you’re toying with the idea of baking sourdough and unsure of where to start, take it from someone who was scared: get a starter. Do you feel up to the challenge of cultivating your own? They name them like pets. All Rights Reserved. You may change your settings at any time. So where can you get one? limit of 2 per person in effect. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. Now, in the summertime, while it’s hotter in our homes, it’s especially easy to bring the starter back to happy bubbles, so it’s an especially great time to jump in. It can last for generations. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. Buy Now. A starter can outlive you. RECIPES All you need are flour, water and less than a week of time to cultivate... Buy from a Big Bread Brand, like King Arthur Flour or Breadtopia. legendarily brought over on the Mayflower. In exchange, it will grow, bubble, change and, if you bottle some up for a friend, even reproduce. It’s powerhouse strength has produced hundreds of delicious loaves including soft sandwich bread, hearth-style-boules, bagels, … Meet Dillon! GIFT GUIDES Where to Buy Sourdough Starter. Imagine warm, Often called Italy’s version of ratatouille, thi, SOURDOUGH CINNAMON RAISIN BREAD! I learned this invaluable tip from Heartbeet Kitchen: you don’t have to feed it every day if you don’t bake all the time. Meet Dillon! So maybe it’s no wonder people take their starters seriously. Curious about sourdough but don’t know where to begin? In stock and ready to ship. Qty. Where you get your sourdough starter all depends on you. Just store it in a cool, dark place and it will last several months and up to one year- the pantry is a perfect spot. Supported by the wild yeast and lactobacilli in the air, the flour and water become a living culture. Whatever your style, there’s an easy option for you. Where to Get a Sourdough Starter Go DIY with This Recipe, from Baked: The Blog. Your choices will not impact your visit. EASY, MAKE-AHEAD APPLE CRUMBLE! collaborative Canadian cooking blog Baked, new deals for Prime members at Whole Foods, Food Gifts for New Moms: a Q + A with Amanda Waddell, What 5 New Sourdough Bread Bakers Would Tell You | Go Eat Your Bread With Joy, Feeding a Sourdough Starter Grapes: an Experiment | Go Eat Your Bread With Joy, Feeding a Sourdough Starter without Having to Discard: a Method | Go Eat Your Bread With Joy. GROCERY SOURCES My personal sourdough starter. That living culture is an entity capable of birthing some of the world’s favorite baked goods. It’s an offspring from a 10-year-old Australian starter (named Priscilla) which was a gift from my good friend Celia. On Etsy, you can find unique cultures from Derbyshire or San Francisco. $8.95. Classic Fresh Sourdough Starter - 1 oz. KITCHEN QUESTIONS Artisan Sourdough Made Simple is back in stock! San Francisco Sourdough Style Starter Culture | Cultures for Health | Homemade artisan bread | Heirl… I dry the starter myself and hand pack each and every order. You won’t need a centuries-old starter to bake amazing bread, but you will need a starter from somewhere. Should you make it or buy it? You’ve come to the right place! And the cool thing? including shipping. FOOD INSPIRATION Would you rather ask a friend for some, or do you want to buy a starter online? Go Eat Your Bread With Joy. Watching one grow is enough to wake up the wonder in the most cynical of souls. on your wish list. TO YOUR HEALTH. That simple blend of flour and water can birth some of the best breads of your life. Instead, you can keep it in the fridge, revive it once a week and bake. It comes in dried form with activation instructions, and a few tips for ongoing care. In case you’re unfamiliar with the idea, a sourdough starter is, essentially, pretty simple: flour plus water plus time. Looking for more sourdough discard recipes? disclaimer: this post contains Amazon affiliate links, through which I receive a small commission on any purchases made. The cost is $12.50 ea. My favor, There are two things I get really excited about in, SOURDOUGH ZUCCHINI BREAD Ok so look: I know i, Light as a cloud and not too sweet, these hom. Dubbed “America’s rising pet” by the New York Times and considered a little like love by Bon Appetit, a sourdough starter is, honestly, a pretty magical thing. Because of its age it’s considered a mature starter, meaning its reliable strength will typically produce a successful rise- this is super helpful for beginners. As of right now, I’m only shipping within the US. Think about it: all you need to give a starter is regular flour and water. SOURDOUGH Qty. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. My personal sourdough starter. I’m offering my starter in small, handcrafted batches. #210543. Curious about sourdough but don’t know where to begin? What doe. Because it comes in dried form, you can activate it whenever you want. Before you can use tools like a brotform, artistically copy an intricate scoring pattern you saw on Instagram or bake a beginner sourdough recipe, you need one thing: a sourdough starter. It’s an offspring from a 10-year-old Australian starter (named Priscilla) which was a gift from my good friend Celia. Search around online, and you’ll find starters with incredible pedigrees: there’s a starter legendarily brought over on the Mayflower. So what’s the big deal with sourdough starters? © Copyright 2018. Here are some ideas. add to wish list. NASHVILLE

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