After a quick Google search, it looks like the higher the fat content of your liquid in a ganache, the more stable the end result will be. X. Most of the time, it doesn’t take a whole lot to bring your ganache back to ideal drip consistency. Excited for you to try this. Place chocolate chips into a heat resistant bowl (glass or metal). Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie With Chocolate Ganache Or just melted chocolate? I’ve never heard of Fino whip before, and I’m not sure that it will have enough fat content to stabilize the ganache. You’ll have a lot more control over the appearance if you start by dripping the sides until they’re aesthetically pleasing before filling in the top of the cake.

The good thing about a test drip is you’re able to see how the ganache will behave. My ganache drip has cracked. 110,567 suggested recipes. I would love to do a ganache drip on an ice cream cake with whipped cream frosting, should I do the drip shortly after applying the whipped cream so its not to cold? Head to my YouTube Channel to see the growing collection. Just did a drip choc. As long as it’s stable (aka won’t shift when you drip over it like whipped cream would), I’d say give it a try. Thanks to your videos and tricks, it came out wonderful. In my experience with Chocolate Ganache and even colored White Chocolate Ganache I have never had problems with the colors running.

That’s awesome, Haleema! If you’re used to leaving them out at room temp after decorating, it’ll be fine! And as far as swiss chocolate buttercream.. Por lo general, uso chips de chocolate blanco o negro de la marca Nestlé, Ghiradelli o genéricos de la tienda y los tres han funcionado perfectamente con esta receta y técnica. Hi Amy! Continue to cool the ganache for another 5-10 minutes and try your test drip again. Hi Lily, so sorry to hear about your chocolate ganache being too liquidy. It definitely takes some practice and patience to get the ganache the right consistency. Are you using the recipe I posted above? Hi Alice! So the article suggests adding a small amount of glucose syrup so the ganache still looks fresh and brilliant the next day.

After the ganache sets, it’s still soft enough to add decorations/insert cake toppers. That way you don’t have to commit until you like what you’re seeing. Would the instructions change at all? Hi! The ganache has to be around room temperature to ensure the drips don’t travel too far. this ganache can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to two weeks. I feel if I let the caramel cool too long it won’t flow or drip. The cream cheese is very soft. Hi! You can either drip the tiers separately and let them set before stacking them, or assemble the tiered cake and drip them at that point. Instead, try to use just a little ganache and spread it so that it just touches where your drips begin. Double cream will work perfectly . Love making my own cakes for my kids. Hi Shasta! Hi, Whitney, I want to decorate my drip cake with sweets (candy), is it possible to decorate the day before? Here’s a great example of dripping ganache on a cake frosted with whipped cream icing: You’ll know that this has happened because the ganache will look grainy and dull, or even separated like oil and water.

Ganache is such a tricky thing!

If you’ve ever made a drip cake with ganache before, you’ll know that it’s a little sticky to the touch when it’s room temperature. As far as refrigerating, I always refrigerate my cakes after dripping them and your cake should be find if you decorate on Thursday night and keep it in the fridge until about an hour before the party on Saturday. Hi Christina! For whipped ganache I use 2:3 ratio (for example, 2/3 cup whipping cream to 1 cup chocolate). My question is I am using a whipped icing (not the white tub kind) is this a problem. The only way to know for sure is to try it, and if you do, let me know how it goes!

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