The steam generated when the loaf is baking in an enclosed space allows you to get a good oven spring. Pour the mixture in the cooker and let it simmer for the desired consistency. The CorningWare Pyroceram baking dishes or Visions cookware is the best substitute for a Dutch oven. If a meal needs to go straight from the stove top to the oven, use a cast iron skillet (cover the skillet with aluminum foil if it doesn't have a lid). Then, you'll find cookware in your home that can perform those individual functions. Bread pans and baking dishes made of any material will also do the trick.

Casserole dishes are second in line for the title of the best Dutch oven substitute. So, if you want to take your life on a more natural and healthier path, choose pure clay pots. There is no true substitute for a Dutch oven. To get the dish squeaky clean, soak it in lukewarm water first.
Heating Pyrex on a stove burner can cause it to heat unevenly, resulting in cracks and even breakage, which can be very dangerous and lead to injury. are used in a Dutch oven recipe and select other pots and pans according to their function. The wide, flat bottom of a cast iron Dutch oven is perfect for sauteing vegetables before adding water or broth, followed by anything from meat to rice to pasta. The CorningWare Pyroceram baking dishes or Visions cookware is the best substitute for a Dutch oven. Recipes that call for simmering a one-pot meal on the stove or baking it in the oven can often be replicated with these kitchen appliances. Home » Best Dutch Oven Substitute (that are equally good). However, a slow cooker takes longer than a Dutch oven. Keep in mind that the baking times and temperatures will vary depending on whether you use glass, ceramic, stone, cast iron or aluminum bakeware. . You can boil a dish on the stove and then transfer it to the oven for a slow roast to blend the flavors. Some clay pots use synthetic materials, which is only good for displaying or serving cold food. This is one of the leading causes of cracking, as explained in this recent article. link to Do Gas Ovens Have Fans? Have you checked my ultimate small appliance guide?

The ideal substitute will be oven-safe to allow you the ability to sear or brown meats on the stove and then transfer directly to the oven to finish cooking. Just add a few teaspoons of cornflour in half a cup of cold water and mix it well. This method keeps a nice high oven temperature due to the baking stone and all the steam is sealed into the closed environment under the bowl. For sauteing, browning or pan-frying, use any skillet or a wok. You can also create great soups and stews right on the stovetop, keeping the moisture in thanks to the heavy, tight-fitting lid. For boiling pasta or hard-boiled eggs, making rice or preparing soup, use an appropriately sized saucepan or stockpot. If a dish takes two hours to cook, the slow cooker will get it done in 4 hours. You can use it for: It’s a great alternative to a slow cooker since you can achieve the same tender results in your meats while maintaining some of that braised or broiled flavor you can only get from the oven. This way, not even a wisp of steam will escape, and you will get tender meat that will tantalize your taste buds. Over 6,000 near-perfect reviews can’t be wrong. I was a leader for Whole Foods Market for over 2 decades and am now a recovering foodie. Dutch ovens are expensive, so, if you want to avail of the benefits a Dutch oven provides but can’t afford to buy one, getting a substitute is a good idea. You cannot roast or sauté in a casserole dish, so you have to prepare the ingredients in advance. The tight lid of a slow cooker prevents evaporation. If you want to bake, the next option is a better alternative. And of course, for those that come with a plastic lid, you should not place the lid in the oven either. People have used Dutch ovens for over 3 centuries as an essential kitchen utensil, and it is still used all over the world. So, leave it alone, and soon, you will have a scrumptious dish to enjoy. If you want a perfect dish every time, make sure you grease the dish. Do refrain from taking the lid off again and again as it helps the heat escape, ruining the taste. When I'm not spending time with my wife & 3 daughters, I can usually be found practicing martial arts, making music, blogging on my main blog over at or, of course, in the kitchen. Just be sure to closely follow the usage directions for your product. Go for clay pots made of pure clay as it does not have any contaminants. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and leave it for an hour. It is best to bring the contents of the Dutch oven to a boil on the stovetop before placing the pot in the oven to make sure it reaches the desired temperature.

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