In this sequel to “Karneval in Köln”, Dino is making his way into the heart of Munich, capital of the Free State of Bavaria and home of the world-famous Oktoberfest.. Reblogged this on Fableulous Retellings Podcast and commented: Fairy Tales Free Short Fairy Tales Enjoy the magical and enchanted world of Fairy Tales! Bedtime Story for Kids: The Gift of the Magi, A Christmas Story. Read these famous Fairytales to children to fire their imagination! Cinderella. When it comes to reading, everyone is always looking for new things to But one duckling does not look like the others? One . Pingback: Ten Interesting Posts of the Week + Event Recap (7/23/17) – Pages Unbound. Fascinating short stories of Fairies, Witches, Wizards, Giants, Dragons, Princes, Princesses, Evil Sorcerers and Wicked Queens! - Thank you for the suggestion, we do have narrations on the picture books! Free Short Stories © April 2015Cookie Policy, Google+ By Melissa Russell, Short Stories for Children - Children - Short - Good - Humorous - Online - Classic - Free Online Child Stories - Free Stories for Children - Free Stories for Kids - Good Stories for Kids - Humorous Stories for Kids - Narrative - Children's Fairy Tale - Fairy Story - English - Children - Fairy Tale Characters - Very Short Stories - Fiction - Fairy Tale Pictures - Hans Christian Anderson - Hans Christian Andersan - Anderson - Fairytales - Fairy Stories - Famous - Best Loved Fairy Tales from Denmark - Children's Fairy Tales - Children - Kids - Kid - Hans Christian Anderson - Han - Hands - Hans - Andersan - Christain - Christian Andersen - Fairystories - Traditional - Bedtime stories - Bedtime - Tails - Fairy Tails - Classical literature - Book - Books - Folk Stories - Folklore - Myths - Narrative - Account - Yarn - Legend - Fairy-Tale - Chronicle - Anecdote - Portrayal - Plot - Fable - Tail - Parable - Allegory - Legend - Myth - Free Short Stories - Short - Classic - Funny - Free - Free Online - Online Free - Online - On-line - Printable - Best - Great - Famous - Story - Storys - Shortstories - Child storys - Children's Fairytales - Faery-Tale - Faeries - Faerys - Faerys - Hans Christian Anderson - Bookday - Book day - Writing - Childhood - Ideas - Stories Online for Kids - Kids Story - Children Stories - Children - Short - Small, The Will-o-the-Wisp in the Town, Says the Wild Woman. Luckily the simplified German portal of national broadcaster NDR has a number of German fairy-tales rewritten in Einfache Sprache (simple language), so even absolute beginners can enjoy these classic tales. Rumpelstiltskin . Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The enchanting stories featured are in a printable format. Who can save her? I’ve selected the tale of how they built a strange triangular town hall, added in-line translation and found a great narration on Youtube, all of which, including my own re-narration of the introduction to the Schildbürger, you can enjoy right here on our site: Last but not least, I’d like to point you to my own story series for German learners titled Dino lernt Deutsch. To whom do they belong? An evil witch has trapped Rapunzel in a tower. Is he truly an Ugly Duckling? Read our huge collection of famous fairy tales and bedtime stories. Stories with the Theme of Kindness & Gratitude for Thanksgiving Enjoy our collection of bedtime stories for kids below: A Cinderella Story ~ Bedtime Stories for Kids. Thank you! The inspiration for the film Frozen, ‘The Snow Queen’ tells of two children, a boy and a girl, who find themselves caught up in a battle of good and evil – featuring a broken mirror that distorts what it reflects. In 1697, the French writer Charles Perrault published the story of Cendrillon, a variation on the story. While these texts are originally intended to help deaf children boost their vocabulary and reading skills (see my post on Leichte Sprache), they are actually really helpful for German learners as well, since the stories are very short and to the point. Share our short stories for kids with those children in your life and share the joy and love we have for stories and storytelling. You may also like to read, A Little Mouse Who Was A Princess. But if you’ve ever tried reading the original in German, you’ll know that most versions of these stories (especially those found on free websites) are told in a very archaic and baroque German, which is not just hard but almost impossible to fathom for novice learners. This Classic Folktale is adapted from the original story of “Aladdin” from The Arabian Nights. A young man learns what is most important about love from two very different girls and a mermaid. We formed a team of experts who are entrusted with the responsibility of collecting these short stories from all sources possible. This story even comes with a few basic text comprehension questions. This tale – about a princess who accepts help from a frog in return for her hand in marriage – also shares some similarities with ‘Rumpelstiltskin’, in that in both stories a girl receives help from a hideous assistant who then demands something in return. But his scheming involves some questionable behaviour and trickery…. The Carl-Kehr-Schule in Halberstadt offers a content-rich website with tons of easy German short stories in a wide range of categories. A Bedtime Story of Honesty, Courage and Truth. And since we’re talking about Leichte Sprache, I’d also like to mention Bremen Lebenshilfe, a registered association that is dedicated to helping the mentally handicapped, and their website in simplified German with easy German short stories. Our children's stories come from folktales (or folk tales), stories that have been shared from generation to generation by word of mouth, from all over the world. Reading bedtime stories each evening to a child promotes positive sleep habits. But in this story, there’s definitely a pleasant twist in the tale…. Of course it also has to be something As most of these stories were written a long time ago and often have old Experience daily life in the German capital through the eyes of a newcomer, learn about the country and its people, and improve your German effortlessly along theway! A Story of Charity, Compassion and Justice, from England. Once upon a time, there was a King and a Queen who lived in a golden castle with their beautiful daughter. Are they error-free? All people of all backgrounds with assorted abilities will like these stories of amusing nature. If you happen to be in Japan, have a look at the Japanese version of this page where you can hover over any word and get an instant Japanese translation Reading stories each night to your child has been proven to improve reading and vocabulary skills. - Richard, Text Menu | Games | Japanese This more familiar version, of course, has Goldilocks as the juvenile delinquent who breaks into a humble ursine dwelling in order to indulge her penchant for fussiness over meal temperatures and fidgeting about in other people’s beds. This collector’s edition comprises the first four episodes of the popular “Dino lernt Deutsch” story series for German learners: “Café in Berlin”, “Ferien in Frankfurt”, “Karneval in Köln” and “Momente in München”. Bedtime stories are a story told to a child after they have gotten into bed for the evening. Just like the above story, this PDF comes with some exercises. Boost your grammar by engaging in sword fights, improve your conversation skills by interacting with interesting people and enhance your vocabulary while exploring forests and dungeons. Read our collection of stories for kids to your children today and see the positive impact they have. Timmie Willie is a country mouse who is accidentally transported to a city in a vegetable basket. AS usual, our work of hard-time has produced desired results. It’s featured in the Opies’ book as well, so I reckon I’ll have to write about it soon! Image (bottom): Goldilocks runs from the Three Bears (1912), via Wikimedia Commons. but I remember loving it when I was younger! We have analysed this story here. Short Stories for ChildrenPrintable Free Short Fairy Tales and Short Stories! In the Perrault telling of this classic fairy tale, the booted cat shows his plucky and enterprising spirit and helps his poor hapless master to climb the social ladder. Yet the central plot details remain the same: a king is protective of his beautiful daughter, the princess. Aladdin, the Genie and the Magic Lamp work to impress the princess who wishes to be a commoner. Continue to explore the world of children’s literature with these ten classic Victorian fairy tales, these classic children’s poems, and these fun facts about children’s books. Stories to Grow by believes that these are the best stories that should be shared at bedtime. 10 Fascinating Fairy Tales For Children. Whatever its ultimate meaning, this remains a stalwart of fairy tale collections and has been popular ever since Charles Perrault’s telling in the 1690s. You are one of those valuable readers. Folktales have been shared for thousands of years and are the starting point for most of your favorite tales and Disney movies. The stories cost a few euros each, but they also provide a free sample which showcases the barrier-free layout and fitting illustrations. The authors of went to great lengths to retell the story using very simple but grammatically perfect German. It calms a busy child and engages their mind into a world of magic and sweet dreams. More about the book can be found here. A Story of Courage, Kindness to Animals and Learning. Our Stories to Grow by Collection of Famous Children's Stories.

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