endobj 7 0 obj The markets for ethylene oxide (EO) and ethylene glycol (EG) continue to see attractive growth. 20 0 obj The reaction is moderated/optimised using an organic chloride. 18 0 obj /D [1 0 R /XYZ null 182 null] >>


endobj << >> /D [1 0 R /XYZ null 470 null] << 2 0 obj 48 0 obj 31 0 obj 15 0 obj endobj 82 0 obj >> >> >> 68 0 obj <<

endobj /D [1 0 R /XYZ null 231 null] According to recent reports, it is predicted that ethylene glycol will become one of the star products that lead the development of global chemical industry. endobj These EO catalysts are characterised by several performance factors, including selectivity, activity, productivity and stability. (Jimmy) Wells, CRI Catalyst Company. /D [1 0 R /XYZ null 359 null] 12 0 obj In the standard thermal glycol reaction process, EO and water are reacted at an elevated temperature (about 200°C) and pressure without catalyst. << 33 0 obj Traditional EO catalysts were changed out after three to four years of service.

endobj >> 56 0 obj >> >> We review these aspects in this paper, beginning with a look at the innovations and technological achievements that got the industry to where it is today. endobj >> >> endobj 47 0 obj << 66 0 obj >> <<

endobj endobj >> >>

<< >> Consequently, by the turn of the century, new plants were benefiting from excellent selectivity and achieving a catalyst life of three years or more. One of the most important measures of an EO catalyst’s performance is its selectivity, which is the ratio of ethylene converted to EO to the total amount of ethylene reacted. endobj <<

endobj << /D [1 0 R /XYZ null 307 null] << 74 0 obj 69 0 obj 53 0 obj The proportion of the higher glycols is limited by using excess water to minimise the reaction between the EO and glycols. /D [1 0 R /XYZ null 206 null]

/D [1 0 R /XYZ null 219 null] Fast forward to 2010, when yet another breakthrough in catalyst development provided an opportunity to address these capital costs.

The plant has the operating flexibility to produce a range of products depending on the alcohol feedstock and operating variables. >> 36 0 obj /D [1 0 R /XYZ null 359 null] endobj 29 0 obj >> endobj endobj Most notably, the new designs were based on lower volumetric production rates (referred to as the catalyst work rate) and lower reactor inlet carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations. Figure 2 shows a basic overview of the EO/EG process, which includes the following major sections: It is the first of a homologous series of three dihydroxy alcohols discussed in this article.

endobj stream Copyright ©


A more modern technology is to react EO with CO2 to form ethylene carbonate (EC) and subsequently react the EC with water to form MEG, both reactions being catalysed.

>> endobj << •    EO recovery >>

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