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Catch a wave Start paddling for a wave way in advance, to build up enough momentum for it to take you. The fact is that surfing is it's own sport with its own attitudes and language. These are our top picks for under £50, having teste... 3 views Write a comment. When you feel it pick you up, the natural instinct is to grip the board and attempt to get up, but this is when you should put in a final two to three powerful arm strokes. There are also a lot of words in the surfing world that you may not be familiar with. Such as, where do I put my wax? Wakeboarding! If you're too far forward, the nose will sink, too far back and it will stall. What if I drop my wax in the water? How can I practice surfing without getting into the water? Board shorts, the long swim suits worn by surfers to keep their knees out of their board's wax, are sometimes called baggies. In your board shorts. Sat 9 Jun 2007 23.27 BST All of these answers and many more can be found on a surf blog []. Frequent - but minor - injuries Cuts, bruises, sprains and strains are the most common. Stay in the white water while you perfect your skills. The best way to start is to take lessons. Choose a category below and learn everything you need to know about surfing and the best equipment . Surfing has never been more popular in the UK, with an estimated 500,000 Brits surfing regularly.
Keep in trim Every board has a sweet spot, where it is stable and balanced and will move 'in trim' with the wave. The truth is that surfing is all of these things. Wax floats. When you make your way from a beginner to an intermediate level, you should know how to position your body on the surfboard. Not much and it goes away in about 5 minutes. Article Source: How bad does a white jelly fish sting hurt? Practise away from the beach You may not live close enough to the beach to practise regularly but you can work on your skills. The Best Kept Secret - It's Easy To Learn Too! Or take a Surf South West learn-to-surf holiday to Lanzarote, Costa Rica, France or Portugal. Perfect your paddling Paddling - whether to get out through the waves or to catch a wave - is a key skill. Swimming front crawl is the most useful way to practise paddling, ideally using a pull buoy so your legs aren't contributing. Disease risk Research in conjunction with Surfers Against Sewage showed that surfers are three times more likely than the general public to contract hepatitis A. These guys and girls make their living both by being sponsored by industry brands (Billabong, Quicksilver, Hurley, and many more) and by winning surfing competitions. These boards are lightweight and easy to handle but not worth buying as you'll quickly grow out of them. Spend plenty of time practising this without trying to stand up. If you're interested in learning how to surf, it's a great idea to start checking out surfing blogs to catch up on surfing's latest news and lingo. Discover some facts and figures of surfing, from its origins to the spectacular adrenaline-fuelled present. All boards need a leash (that attaches around your ankle) of at least 6ft. Wetsuits range from £60-£300 plus.

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