4: Death Knight. Gnome - Mage or Warlock Night Elf - Druid, Demon Hunter, Hunter or Rogue Pandaren (both): Start in Wandering Isle. For all the character-creation decisions, your class choice has the greatest impact on the type of experience you have in World of Warcraft. ... Here’s the full list of classes and their best race combos in WoW Classic. I agree. Goblin - rogue Hey guys, a bit of a challenge and hoping to make a good discussion here. Blood Elf - Priest (holy) Extra points to Strength and Stamina. they’re all good… though looking up lore for the race/classes is good if your indecisive… like i frequently am. I am playing the alliance at the moment but also interested in the horde characters as well. Alliance. But DH can only be NE or BE so it’s 11 classes and 10 races we can choose from. Highmountain Tauren - Hunter (Survival) ((They were involved with survival hunter quest chain)) They can defeat mobs in milliseconds, and are now considered the most overpowered class. If we actually got class fantasy back, I think a Gnome Mage/Rogue would be cool. Keep enemies away from you, and you’ll be successful. This is a popular combo already, and one of the most notorious on the list. I am planning on leveling all races and all classes cuz I like questing and leveling characters. Tauren - Shaman (Elemental) Best race/class combos according to lore. But what is wrong about Tauren Paladins or Orc Mages is the cultural identity of those race. Top 10 Classic WoW Class & Race Combos. World of Warcraft character creation is an art - and these are some of the best combos players can choose. otherwise, i recommend going with interesting lore/rp combos. There are eleven available classes in the game, but not all classes are available to every race. i recommend going with interesting lore/rp combos, going for the lore/rp combos mostly as race skills get buffed or nerfed depending on expansions. Undead (Horde): Start in Deathknell. Goblin (Horde): Start in Kezan. Orc (Horde): Start in Valley of Trials. 2: Warrior (Fury) 3: Warlock. Orc: Warrior or shaman When contemplating classes, consider the role that appeals to you and keep the following things in mind: Hunters, Mages, Priests, and Warlocks fight best from a safe distance. My question is what race + class combo goes well together? They get a free epic mount, their own place to hang out, and their own flying mounts. The possible races are: Human (Alliance): Start in Northshire Valley. Well, if we consider that we, as players, are champions of faction and race - we cant be that footman or grunt. The best race and class combinations in World of Warcraft Classic. Above is the guide for World of Warcraft race and class, and hope some tips can help you. Best race/class combos according to lore. To keep it simple, imagine that every character falls into one of three categories: tank, healer, and damage dealer. Dark Iron - Shaman or Warrior Also if you have requirement in power leveling and wow gold, Mmogah will be your best choice, as they have more than 10 years gaming industry experience and professional customer service staffs, you don’t worry about cheating after making orders. Comment by Tickelberg on 2010-11-23T09:39:20-06:00. Extra points to Spirit. I’ve already leveled some characters and I think I need to delete some if I am to make space and organize characters; but the characters that I am thinking of deleting, they’ve done some achievements like exalted faction reps and some Loremaster achievements. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. Troll - Hunter (Survival) Terms of Services Monks, Paladins, Rogues, and Warriors fight up close and personal with their enemies. Human: warrior or rogue I am planning on leveling all races and all classes cuz I like questing and leveling characters. To be fair, this was an announcement in 2004 about the RTS game, Warcraft III, and it turned out to be true even though the news was released on April 1st. Dark Iron Dwarf: Mage or Shaman 5: Rogue (Combat) (Think light infantry or skirmishers) Dwarf. I agree with you both. Mage – You can pick a Gnome or a Human. I think Tauren Paladins are fairly well established through the druidic side of their culture. Worgen (Alliance): Start in Gilneas City. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. I got my own thoughts on this matter but would like everyone’s input if possible since choosing a character and leveling to max level is a commitment. About Us That’s what we look at here as we count down the Best World of Warcraft Races. Orc - Warrior (Any) If I was leveling Alliance toons I would level them as. Make something other than a pandaren monk will ya? Night Elf - Druid, Demon Hunter, Hunter or Rogue They’ve got some mail sets that work really well with their ‘natural’ color palette. Extra points to Agility and Intellect. Melee combat is louder (with the combat noises like clanging weapons) and is generally more chaotic than what ranged classes experience. the only race/class combo u need XP with is goblin and worgens. Fans have had a love/hate relationship with the Pandaren as they represented a … For more information of World and Warcraft, welcome you to visit Mmogah.com. Leaving your desk will result in a written warning, and leaving the office will result in immediate termination. Oh don’t get me wrong, I am interested in the horde characters as well. ... as this is one of the best class and race combos out there. Someone's gotta come out on top. Thank you for taking your time! Unlike the other April Fool's joke on this list, this is an impossible Classic class race combination that became a reality after the Cataclysm expansion. Many players accuse the... 9 Night Elf Rogue. what about others? Delivery Times (b) You’ll be everyone’s best friend during the Valentine’s Day event. This post was from a user who has deleted their account. This helps a lot! Extra points to Agility. Extra points to Stamina and Spirit. All, For all the character-creation decisions, your class choice has the greatest impact on the type of experience you have in, Some races make you a better healer, some allow you to be better at, Above is the guide for World of Warcraft race and class, and hope some tips can help you. Druid – Night Elves are the only option. For more information of World and Warcraft, welcome you to visit, Wow Gold Buyers Should Pay Attention to Gold Scam in World of Warcraft, Prevent Wow Gold Buyers Being Cheated by Tricksters in World of Warcraft, ‘Love Is in the Air’ Event Is On in World of Warcraft, Having WOW Gold Is Not Equal to Owning Everything. Pandaren - Monk. Extra points to Stamina and Spirit. 12 classes in WOW, 10 races including the allied races so far +1 coming soon. As a new player, you should make a choice based on personal preference. Because there are already a number of people who play the game alone, large portions of World of Warcraft are designed around people playing solo. One of the oldest races in Azeroth, Night Elves have a long history and some interesting lore. Any spell caster classes from the blood elf race work well and and troll/Shaman is meant to be good too. Best Race for each Class Overview (Alliance/Horde PvE/PvP) Naturally, each fraction has its best class and race combinations.

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