The key issue is whether city planning authority's initiatives over the years can contribute to the attainment of the sustainable development goals, particularly goal 11.

Apart from the natural expansion of the contiguously built-up area to accommodate the city's growing non-agricultural business activities and population, this growth also involves a merger of the built-up area of the city and those of nearby peri-urban communities, ... As shown in Figure 7, the expansions occurred along the major roads that connect the city and the other cities of the country. Kumasi is the administrative capital of the Ashanti Region of, and the second largest city in, Ghana.

To this end, we assume that productivity depends on human capital, which is solely accumulated in cities, such that urbanization is the engine of growth. Understanding the urban spatial structure of Sub-Saharan African cities using the case of urban development patterns of a Ghanaian city-region.

This paper examines spatial and temporal development patterns in a Sub-Saharan Africa context using Accra, the capital and rapidly growing city of Ghana, as case study and explores the emerging urban form. In markets, only persons involved in the food value chain can operate during the lockdown period. With the present lack of labeled data in Ghana for in-depth analyses of the evolution of land use, we believe that this study serves as an initial attempt to a better understanding of the effects of increasing anthropogenic activities due to urbanization, on human and environment health. Whilst some roads have been devoid of activity, others have seen some police presence to enforce the lockdown. In relation to the second objective, the research draws on wide ranging spatial datasets and combines SLEUTH with urban spatial metrics to analyse the evolving spatial structure of Kumasi city-region (Ashanti region) of Ghana. It also showed that cholera epidemics are a potential danger to a majority of the population of Latin America. Kumasi Metropolis; 2. Your email address will not be published. Suame Municipality; 4. Additionally, the proportion of bare soil (areas that do not have vegetation cover due to forest clearing and other anthropogenic activities) has increased, while the areas of waterbodies have declined. For effective and sustainable management of natural resources, the local communities should be more actively involved in the decision-making process regarding the management of their individual catchments. There are also some workers described as offering essential services who will be permitted to move to their places of work during the lockdown.

This paper investigates the different theories in which towns are developing. While highlighting the difficulties posed by uncontrolled land use, crop and forest cover changes, the study concludes that interventions such as promoting sustainable agricultural practices, drought and disease-resistant crop varieties with shorter gestation periods, and environment-friendly off-farm and off-season economic activities are significant in managing and addressing the challenges that result in loss of forest cover. In exploring the first objective, diverse spatially explicit datasets are drawn from Accra, and SLEUTH, a dynamic urban CA model, is applied to the Ghanaian city-region. In a simple urban economics framework, we aim at highlighting how the trade-off between optimal and equilibrium city size behaves when introducing dynamic human capital externalities in addition to the classical congestion externalities. The observed land use/land cover and population were projected to the next 15 years. This implies that, unlike urban regions in the developed world, where urban growth has led to trickling down effects in the form of spread of core functions or merging together of urban and sub-urban areas for developmental purposes, urban change in Ghana mostly manifests in unplanned residential developments. Habitat International, Volume 85, Pages 21-33. Smallness of, This study provides simulations showing what global and regional population sizes would be if the rest of the world would have experienced similar population growth patterns as what was observed in Europe during the demographic transition. The paper concludes that since transport has a multiplier effect on the morphology and development of cities, the use of smart growth management principles are necessary to increasingly reflect orderly development, and tolerable densities to achieve a liveable and sustainable environment. This paper pursues twofold objectives: one, examines the evolution of the spatial structure of a Sub-Saharan African city-region and its relationship with mainstream urban geography models; and, two, explores the urban planning and policy implications of the spatial transformation. Required fields are marked *, Call to Listen Free for USA only: +14253906303. The study demonstrates that using landscape metrics to characterise spatial development patterns under buffer zones leads to better understanding of the temporal and changing form of the city under various conditions. The findings indicate that Africa's metropolitan areas follow discernible patterns that can be explained by existing models applied in other regions. In addition, only activities that the average citizen will be allowed to undertake during this period will be banking transactions and the use of public toilet facilities, according to the President. Remote Sensing Imagery of Landsat TM 1986, Landsat ETM 2002 and ALOS 2007 were used to measure the extent of growth and to show the effects of this growth on other Land use/Land cover types. The aim of this article is to evaluate the impacts of IIRT factors on the factors which lead towards the promotion of tourism. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Rapid urbanisation and globalisation are creating relentless spatial transformation across the globe. Population geography: a journal of the Association of Population Geographers of India.

Overall, urban land use increased from 0.1% (614.4 ha) in 1986 to 7.8% (4587.7 ha) in 2016.

Several usages of the terminology is evident in  litany of academic research in the area of development planning such as “analysing growth patterns in Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area using GIS and multiple regression techniques” and the “2013 study on  comprehensive Urban Development Plan for Greater Kumasi” drafted by the former President John Dramani Mahama’s Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation. It was given the accolade the 'Garden City of West Africa' in the 1940s due to its greenery cityscape. Existing integrated ABM and CA models of urban growth hardly account for the predominantly informal dynamics (unplanned and unregulated growth) that characterise many cities in Sub-Saharan Africa. An Assessment of the Growth of Ile-Ife, Osun State Nigeria, Using Multi-Temporal Imageries, Rising vehicle ownership, roadway challenges and traffic congestion in Kumasi, Urban Form, Energy and the Environment: A Review of Issues, Evidence and Policy, The changing urban-rural interface of African cities: definitional issues and an application to Kumasi, Ghana, Urban Planning and the Post-Colonial State in Africa: A Research Overview, World Urbanization Prospects, The 2011 Revision Rep, Research Around Sanitation Surcharges Included In Property Rates In Ghana, Historical population estimates for Egypt: a critical review, A method for macroscopic assessment of countries' receptivity to cholera, Demographic transition in small countries, Global and Regional Population Growth if European Demographic Transition Patterns Had Been Universal. Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology, Analysis of geo-spatiotemporal data using machine learning algorithms and reliability enhancement for urbanization decision support, A growing city: patterns and ramifications of urban change in Wa, Ghana, Characterising spatial and temporal patterns of urban evolution in Sub- Saharan Africa: The case of Accra, Ghana, Transport and Historical changes in Kumasi’s Growth and Form, Patterns of land use, crop and forest cover change in the Ashanti region, Ghana, THE EFFECT OF INFRASTRUCTURAL INTEGRATION OF REGIONAL TRANSPORT ON TOURISM PROMOTION: THE CASE OF GUILAN PROVINCE, IRAN, DYNAMIC GEOSPATIAL MODELLING AND SIMULATION OF PREDOMINANTLY INFORMAL CITIES: AN INTEGRATED AGENT-BASED AND CELLULAR AUTOMATA MODEL OF URBAN GROWTH, Kumasi: Towards a sustainable and resilient cityscape, Land Use and Land Cover Changes in the Owabi Reservoir Catchment, Ghana: Implications for Livelihoods and Management.

This paper profiles Kumasi within the context of its demographic characteristics, spatial transformation and governance dynamics, while highlighting the implications of the city's growth patterns for sustainable and resilient futures. The global assessment of, Half of the world's 200 countries have less than 3.37 million inhabitants, and many of these small countries are often assumed to experience rapid demographic transition. The police are working in collaboration with the Ghana Navy, Army and Airforce in a humanitarian operation tagged “COVID Safety”. Currently, half of the world's population lives in urban areas and the tempo of urbanization is expected to continue unabated during the 21st century, with most of the growth occurring in the developing world.

This paper discusses the growing interest among researchers and international agencies in better understanding the rural-urban interface in Africa. All rights reserved. It is the second largest city in the country and the administrative capital of Ashanti.

Pixel analysis was employed to identify and compare the type, nature, trend and magnitude of change that occurred in the study area within the slated dates.

The lockdown was preceded by panic buying in major business centres in the affected areas.

In the Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area and contiguous districts, the following areas are affected: 1. Because of the disciplines involved, relevant articles are scattered over a large number of journals. We present systematic analyses of the temporal dynamics of the growth of Kumasi, the fastest growing city in Ghana using 20-year Landsat time-series data from 2000 to 2020 (with 1986 Landsat image as a baseline). By classifying Landsat satellite images (1986-2017) and using landscape/spatial metrics to characterise Accra's spatial development along four concentric rings, we find growing complexity and fragmented spatial growth patterns in Accra.

During the two-week partial lockdown, citizens in affected areas are advised to only leave their homes in search of essential items or activities. World Urbanization Prospects. The study concludes that Wa will continue to grow towards the southern, southwestern and western areas and fuse with Bamahu, Kpongu and Danko (in the Wa Municipality) and Siiriyiri (in the Wa West District) to form a single metropolis. This paper examines the factors which have interacted to alter patterns of land use, crop preference and forest cover between the pre-colonial and post-colonial periods, using the multi-case study and political ecology approach in the Ashanti region, Ghana. Greater Kumasi is an extension of the KMA (Bantama, Nhyiaeso, Subin, Manhyia South and Manhyia North Constituencies) to include the newly created assemblies( Tafo-Pankrono, Suame, Kwadaso, Oforikrom, Asokwa, Asokore Mampong Municipalities). Interestingly, Kumasi's rapid population growth rate has generated an uncontrolled pattern of spatial development expanding nearly twice the rate of population growth, ... Population growth has been emphasised as a main driver of land use change, especially in developing countries [41,42]. Pixel analysis revealed that changes occurred in the magnitude and rate of urbanization in the study area between 1986 and 2007.

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This paper examines the patterns and ramifications of urban change in Wa, a fast growing municipality in northwestern Ghana.

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