(only appropriate at an all-male school), a job title that links the job to a single sex when either sex can perform the job, a single sex pronoun in conjunction with a neutral job title, so that the implication is that the job “belongs” to a single sex.

Discover what works! Consider your audience; feel free to talk to your professors, for example, about the solutions they prefer. 7. It can take several forms: Although it may often seem that avoiding sexist language can lead one into using awkward or grating constructions, it is also possible to use gender-neutral language gracefully and unobtrusively.

He works almost up until the day of delivery and is back at work within a few weeks of leaving the hospital.”. Somebody left their sweater. Style manuals, office policies and procedures, and employee handbooks are excellent resources for using gender-neutral language. Consider its context in the work as a whole. You could also use the words “he” or … There are other terms that you can use in place of these so you can avoid being sexist. Obviously, we can’t solve sexism in one article, but the principle here is harm reduction—if you have better tools to deal with 50% of the sexist comments in your life, you live a better life.

It’s easy to demean, humiliate, and insult someone without causing any visible harm.

It is very easy to alienate new customers, clients, or potential employees by using sexist language. Grace is a business management consulting with experience in healthcare strategy, IT, and marketing.

Share your comment below! She is the founder of LaConte Consulting and is passionate about helping business owners to identify profit leakage and improve their long-term value. Online Editing Services – What Do I Really Need?

Here at Hotjar, inclusivity and respecting others are a big part of our core values , and building an awesome and inclusive team culture starts with what we say to one another. Since we're a women's career advice site, it's a topic we should have covered in detail—so we decided to take it on, one sexist instance at a time. the pronoun gender-neutral. Scribd will begin operating the SlideShare business on December 1, 2020 Alternate make and female pronouns throughout the paper — but this can be tricky, since it can make the paper confusing.
And because it’s ubiquitous, its subtler distortions can fly under the radar, and we overlook them because we’re so immersed in them. Unfortunately, it stills happens in many workplaces and can take a number of forms, including: Although some companies are providing opportunities for true equality in the workplace, there is still a long way to go.

Check the patient’s identification bracelet to ensure that it matches the name on the prescription before administering medications. Find more at laconteconsulting.com, or connect with her on Instagram and Twitter @lacontestrategy. The NCTE “Guidelines” offer many alternatives for sexist terms, such as “letter carrier” instead of “mailman” and “police officer” instead of “policeman.” Some other alternatives they suggest are: In general, avoid using different words for men and women who perform the same While some obstacles to workplace inclusivity might be outside our direct control, we can control one very powerful component: the language we use with each other, our customers, and our applicants.

If your male boss is making the comments, he’s probably kind of older, right? Learn how your comment data is processed.

“Ooh, it kind of sounds like you’re calling our women customers dumb—it’s a good thing the rest of the team wasn’t around!”, “It does hurt my feelings!” (I can imagine myself making an exaggerated sad face here—you know, joking-not-joking.) The most important thing to remember is that each problem has its own best solution. Homophones – What Professional Editors Know. Either Mary or John should bring a schedule with them.

To Avoid Sexist Language. In that case, respond to your boss’ sexist comments with feigned confusion. Avoid Interrupting the Speaker Again, act like these old, sexist ways are an exotic foreign culture with which you are unfamiliar. You could also make both the pronoun you are using and its antecedent plural; that is another solution Some words that are commonly heard in business communication—especially those which are suggestive, overly masculine, or overly feminine—can cause a lot of damage to your brand, reputation, and profit margins . Some terms are inherently sexist, such as “mankind” and “policeman.” These terms ignore the female gender in categories that should include both men and women. Instead of sex-linked titles, try neutral titles: 1. Revision: When we students write our papers, we must proofread carefully. Is that sexist, exactly? Reference:

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You’re not offended–you’re enthralled by his stories about the olden days.

That said, an occasional riposte for fairness and equality can really save your day, and even make your workplace a little better for the other women around you. This continues to diminish the value of women and men alike.
Use of sexist language most often occurs with third-person masculine pronouns (he, him, his, himself) or with job titles that include a gender preference (fireman, chairman, foreman) (Andersen, R. 1994). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Change singular nouns to plurals and use a gender neutral pronoun, or try to avoid the pronoun …

Many times, writing in a non-sexist way seems very awkward and disrupts the flow of the paper. “Oh, okay. Some texts offer it as a solution, but we recommend that you be wary of using it in formal writing, as some professors may take offense.

We as writers find ourselves in a delicate situation: knowing that we want to avoid using sexist language, how can we write in a non-sexist manner? College of Business, Health, and Human Services, College of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education, Donaghey College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center, Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences, South Central Writing Centers Association, a pronoun that denotes a single sex when the information being conveyed pertains equally to either or both sexes, Ex. Like I said, none of these are going to smash the patriarchy with the sheer force of verbal repartee. When Men Are Too Emotional to Have a Rational Argument. 2. You know.”. Miller and Swift write: Personifications, like other arbitrary classifications, grow out of cultural preconceptions… [Like other forms of stereotyping, they] can work to discourage fresh perceptions. Mykol Hamilton, Nancy Henley and Barrie Thorne, among others, insist that we must find alternate terms for those that are inherently sexist. It does not make a good impression in these gender-neutral times. It’s a good thing I’m not a sweetheart, or nothing would be getting done in my department!”, Another option: “Ha, sweetheart. The more practice you have in eliminating sexist language, the easier you’ll find it.

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