BTW, the sauce is delicious, thanks for the recipe.

Thank you for the recipe. I changed the recipe Just used 100Gr butter and also did not use salt because did not have at home but really the best one the beeeeesst one

All images and content are copyright protected. I have to make this asap! It’s just one extra dish to wash…unless you are trying to make candy (soft ball or hard crack) to which process a thermometer is essential.

— and all this time I kept thinking my life is full of mishaps (just like Charlie Brown) so add salted caramel to the list, ha!! The first time I had tried it I had tried it with half brown sugar and half granulated sugar. I’ve always been scared to try make caramel sauce myself but the need got too great and your instructions were so clear and detailed, I got confident and ran out to get some cream and a (huge) tub of tin roof! Ahhh! You can warm the cream a little in the microwave if you want but it’s not necessary. You can also try a long handled spoon instead of a whisk to add the butter and cream.

It only takes a minute to sign up. It sounds like you are using an electric burner which will exacerbate all these problems because the heat is inconsistent and uneven to begin with. I don’t know your circumstances – maybe renting?

I prefer the dry method but that is a personal preference. I’m so glad it all worked out! Hi Lindsay I had all kinds of trouble…the first time I tried a different recipe that called for corn syrup and no butter…yeah, I know.

Great question! Then slowly pour in heavy cream until it comes to a boil.

I suggest you post the recipe you're starting from.

Butter has other properties other than flavor here, but you can certainly make it with out. Hmmm plastic and caramel…bad plan. And you totally nailed it! What crimes have been committed or attempted in space? But before I did I read most of the comments which were a lot.

These are the crystals you had to strain out. My research confirms the first comment by @Chris H; that is, homemade caramels are shelf stable.

[…] […], […] brownies are a fudgy milk chocolate coffee brownie with my favorite caramel swirled into the batter.

Glad I saw this reply. Amazing tips. As for the salt…I have a few thoughts on salt.

Heat sugar over medium heat in a medium sauce pan, stirring every minute or so (for about 5-7 minutes). Welcome to the site @laura, unfortunately your question isn't clear. From a safety concern there is no problem.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience so we can all learn and I can improve my recipe! For the topping, I took a regular salted caramel sauce recipe, made just a quarter of the quantity stated with the addition of 1/4 teaspoon of instant espresso […]. I’ll check out that caramel pudding! #unstoppable #nevergiveup #keeptrying #practicemakesperfect. Enjoy your chocolate lava cakes and ice cream! It will thicken as it cools. Hi Beth! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Ahhhh, I didn’t know I could had salvage the batch that never set…unfortunately that one went down the drain already…oh well. Good luck! Hmm. If I could figure out how to post a picture of the final product, I would. I made the mistake of stirring it and then had fun cleaning out the “harder than granite” sugar rocks. Adding the sea salt really takes this recipe over the top and makes the best sweet and salty combo!

Today I am going to make the cupcakes. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If it it taking awhile for the sugar to melt you can add in a Tablespoon of water. Each attempt either seizes up or burns. Smooth and creamy with the perfect consistency. Okay guys…let’s get real here.

It will be making several cameo appearances soon!

Try chilling the sauce first and then scooping it in – this won’t be as easy as when it is still warm or even room temperature but it won’t absorb.

Thanks for sharing!

I’ve totally been there. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Because yesterday I made the most delicious salted caramel sauce that I have ever had! To achieve the caramel sauce consistency in the photos, I did not need to keep heating it. Recipe Slightly Adapted from Brown Eyed Baker, Did you make this recipe?

Sauce is heavenly btw.. those sugar bits are gonna keep me up if I dont do something. Good luck! I leave the temp at medium or right below.

Whoever created it should win some sort of award. The caramel sauce was chewy and delicious, your hot fudge sauce amazing as well.

The ratio of butter to sugar to cream is perfect and there is just the right note of saltiness from the fleur de sel. That way there is no pesky undissolved chunks of sugar or seized caramel from too cold of cream. The key is just to figure out how “burned” you like it. Good afternoon! That has definitely happened to me…sometimes the temptation to stir is irresistible. I hope that helps!!!

Thanks, Kay!

Some find the wet caramel method easier but you absolutely cannot stir it after the sugar has dissolved because the agitation combined with the hydration will cause it to crystallize. Just swirl vigorously to try and get some of the melted sugar on the dry sugar!

The first recipe wasn’t yours and was totally different and the way it was made. Thank you for such a killer recipe and all of the tips! I made a video with all sorts of good Tips!!!

I’m using a gas stove, with a heavy bottom stainless pot, room temp butter and cream, as soon as the sugar is melted I start whisking away with everything.

The wet method is when sugar is first dissolved in water and then they are cooked together. Pour it into a grease pan or little molds if you have them. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To make the sauce thicker use less cream or butter. Sure! Also once the sugar has dissolved into the water, you should wash the sugar crystals from the side of the pot with a clean pastry brush dipped in water or I have even used a wet papertowel.

Maybe these things only happen to me…. I know calling something the BEST is a bold statement but salted caramel is something I take very seriously. Thank you for leaving a comment and review. When I follow the instructions exactly in melting the sugar, it almost always burns right away… I see amber coloured bubbles burst through the granulated sugar and then it’s basically burnt. But the mixture is really darkening so quickly on me!

This is why you never stir a wet caramel after the initial wetting of the crystals and you take great care to use a clean pot and wash all the sugar crystals from the sides of your pot. Can you store frozen dinners in the refrigerator for up to a week before eating them? To make salted caramel sauce, simply add 1/2 teaspoon of fine sea salt (or more to taste). I would not try to make this in any larger batch than as written.
Wow, I’m just about to lick my screen! Thanks! Googling the conversion works very well especially for the simple ingredients used here. You are most welcome! Thank you.

I would be willing to bet that 99% of people who have made caramel have also ruined caramel. The slightest interruption or contamination will cause it to revert back to its natural state. Cool for a few minutes in the pan, then transfer to a jar.

Had a lot of downs but there were some ups! Since I wrote that, I went to culinary school so I have been meaning to go back and update that post with even more helpful hints! I successfully used it as a filling in these cupcakes and also these! My husband does that all the time!). Hi Ashleigh! I like to think of it as if sugar “wants” to be in crystal form and we are coaxing it into a different state.

Hi Jeanie! Followed recipe and tips exactly. First time success thanks to your detailed instructions.

Lindsey, I’m overjoyed that you’ve stopped by!

You can also get crystals in the beginning if you have something else in the pan other than sugar when you start cooking it. This caramel sauce will last for about 3 weeks if stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

If I am understanding your situation correctly, it sounds like you had no problems melting down the sugar and caramelizing it. I’m wondering if it’s taking too long to cook and that’s why it’s getting dark?

It’s delicious…thank you! There are many questions on this site regarding shelf stability, and a recipe is not required to answer this question.

Can you tell me what I did wrong? I was trying to melt the sugar in the sauce pan but it was already turning brown on the bottom before it all melted.

Omg, thank you soooo much for writing such a through response—you’re an angel !!!!

Required fields are marked *. It was amazing!! Like I said, I am a first time and was not expecting my first round to go so well…but it did. Also, I didn’t have any flake salt, so I ground some coarse salt (the amount it called for), and it tastes perfect. I will never go back to store bought. Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. I tried making your caramel sauce and everything went wrong… I added water to the sugar, but I think I added a bit too much.

It’s great on ice cream, bars, cakes, and just about anything else. The sugar will first get clumpy and then start to melt into a liquid. Could I use brown sugar instead of white?

Was able to make it perfect in first attempt. The caramel sauce was harder to make because I […]. I know it is so difficult to resist the urge to stir!

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