The immediate effects are focus and stress relief, easing into a calm body release. English Tea - TheTenco. The high comes on slow, taking about fifteen minutes, is long-lasting, giving a good solid high for at least two hours. Get hours, directions, and see what products are available. With 70mg of THC, this product is medical grade strength. The Green Hornet™ Gummy cannabis infused edible comes in both Indica and Sativa.

Spread over 24,000 sq ft of retail space, the front of house's design is a mixture of culture and business, as its aim is to stimulate, educate, and ultimately place recreational consumers and medical patients in front of the perfect flower. Select a product to start your online order! Quick View. OG stands for Ocean Grown, and it also refers to Original Gangster, though technically it refers to plants traditionally grown outdoors since salty conditions will kill cannabis. Los Angeles Kush - LA Kush is a cannabis dispensary located in the Los Angeles, California area. Combining a Haze hybrid with Northern Lights and a Shiva Skunk cross, Jack Herer produces a sweet and spicy aroma with a sweet underlying lemon-cayenne after taste in a phenomenally smooth smoke.

© 2020 Seattle Cannabis Co. All Rights Reserved. Over 30 Marijuana Strains & 50 Edibles. It has a markedly lemon flavor. Kush Valley is dedicated it providing the highest quality of cannabis and light hydrocarbon extraction on the planet. Tangerine Dream's Sativa dominance produces happy, cerebral energy of Sativa layering over just the right amount of Indica relaxation. The Green Hornet™ Gummy cannabis infused edible. Quick View. Unapologetically Original – Indoor grown, consistent AF: With more medals than we can count, LA Kush always drops the finest flower for people who expect the best. This Sativa dominant hybrid is the result of mixing OG Kush strain and the F2 hybrid, San Fernando Valley OG Kush, and Raskals OG. Products. Not especially energetic, but not sleepy either, White Rhino creates a mild heady high. The strain became very popular and spread out form the LA-San Francisco area. An Indica dominant product of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, this plant was originally used medicinally for stress, pain relief, and insomnia.
For artists, entertainers, and companies looking for a top shelf, personalized cannabis product line, Kush Alley's partnership with Maven Genetics offers a full array of white label cultivated products that can be custom-crafted to fit any demand. Location.

With a banana peel smell and earthy smooth flavour this supposed indica dominant hybrid, has all the characteristics of a stiv producing a light buzz that slowly builds for thirty minutes or so, and lasts about an hour. They only work with the most elite growers in Washington and are therefore able to ensure that only the highest quality flower goes into their creations. Check out Kush Valley and other vendors at Seattle Cannabis Co. We are quite easy to find. This Indica dominant strain comes from Grandaddy purple and Durban poison The buds shaped like densely packed Christmas trees, give a quick hitting, long lasting, high. Calming the overactive mind, Blue Dream is used to treat stress and tension creating an instant, long lasting, blissful feeling. Ogre It has a very earthy smell and a lemony mint taste, with a little sweetness. They instill their time, energy, and great vibes into a top shelf, terpene rich product that won’t break your budget. great for relaxation, stress relief, and for an overall sense of calm and serenity.

cannot be used on heavyweight Tuesdayslimit 4 8th's, Free Top shelf Joint with any $10 donation!! It is best grown indoors or in greenhouses but it can be finicky and not recommended for beginner growers.

The intense citrus flavor, skunky odor and extremely long-lasting stone are memorable. The parking situation can be difficult, on the verge of dangerous. The Peppermint, juniper, arnica and Cannabis provide fast acting relief from pain and inflamation.

Price $100.00. See their menu, reviews, deals, and photos.

Quick View. The Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan is known for its history of cannabis and hashish production. It is heavily favored by medicinal and recreational users for its no-nonsense approach to getting high though it is mostly available to West-Coast users. White Rhino is a dominantly indica strain and a primarily recreational weed known mostly for its positive effects on ADD patients. Deliveries. Pure CBD | 50mg CBD, 2mg THC It will also make less experienced smokers cough and give them itchy eyes. With a medium THC potency it is recommended for users with light pains, ADD and for recreational use.

Decent prices. The buds are round and tight. 2043 Imperial St., Los Angeles, CA, 90021 Most report that it increases appetite. **$35 CAP on ALL TOP SHELF STRAINS**MON: FREE 1/2 GRAM of KIEF w/ $40 donationTUES: ALL 1/8THS 4 GRAMSSHATTERDAY- $10 OFF WAX GRAMSUN: ANY TOP SHELF 2 grams for $20 HAPPY HOUR: 10a-12p & 4-6pm everyday, Add Review For Kush Valley Collective - Los Angeles.

THC is 15% and this is definitely a night-time smoke that hits fast and hard, and stays around for a long time. It has a pleasant smell and aroma, and a relaxing “Where-is-my-bed” effect as a result of its 22% THC content. The smoke offers an even more concentrated citrus fragrance, and zippy sweet flavors that linger on the tongue.

Skip to content. This is a mix of Master Kush and Bubba Kush and is a 70/30 Indica dominant clone only Kush hybrid. Kush Valley is dedicated it providing the highest quality of cannabis and light hydrocarbon extraction on the planet. Cart Online Order Bag. General . It is known to relieve the symptoms of nausea, pain and depression, lifting patients and giving them a calm hit of energy while still numbing the body enough to dull pain. Each bottle is infused with premium cannabis flower extract. Their team is comprised of innovative and enthusiastic cannabis experts who have combined their knowledge and passion to produce some of the best cannabis in the world. Cooling and invigorating. A strong sedative, it is recommended for insomnia, stress, and pain relief. Look for them in the black box at your local Seattle Cannabis Co! Kush Alley Dispensary in North Hills California is a 24,000+ sq.
COVID update: Los Angeles Kush - East LA has updated their hours and services. A cross between Blueberry indica and sativa Haze, Blue Dream produces a balanced euphoria without a heavy sedative effect making it a popular medicinal cannabis for daytime use. Toke on the city of angels with LAK Los Angeles Kush L6 Cartridge, which hails from mysterious origins and is thought to be a phenotype of Abusive OG. Beware of parking lot! They instill their time, energy, and great vibes into a top shelf, terpene rich product that won’t break your budget. This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. The good looking, dark green buds have bright orange hairs and plenty of resin which makes for a striking contrast in colour and a powerful effect. Log in Sign up. Combine that with their stellar concentrates and even the most novice smoker is sure to find just the right thing every time. This strain is great for daytime use as it helps get rid of stress but doesn’t couch lock. Kush Alley Dispensary in North Hills California is a 24,000+ sq. Years of natural and human selection for the most resinous, Indica-dominant plants have resulted in short, stocky bushes covered with huge, shiny trichomes. It refers to a wide variety of Indica hybrids that are commercially available. Brands. Very potent with THC levels of over 25%, it is not recommended for beginner smokers except in small doses. LA Kush Cake (7g Jars) Evil Eye Gardens. Fast acting, pain relieving body spray with organic essential oils and plant extracts.

Not unlike it’s name, Strawberry Cough has a sweet strawberry smell, and will leave you coughing. With an extensive and dedicated crew from literally all walks of life, they have created a gem of both great beauty and exciting promise as they continue to wow us all with each new batch!

Our in-house flowers, topicals, concentrates and accessories are all meticulously hand-picked by our team of cannabis connoisseurs that are passionate about sourcing only the safest and highest quality cannabis products available today.

70mg – THC

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