More than one tenth of Cuba’s GDP goes towards funding public education. A Snowbird Visa is given for 6 months and can be easily renewed. Just figure out whether or not you actually NEED a, If you have in fact already visited Cuba, you may have realized that Cuba is quite the anomaly when it comes to travel documentation. Political exile (or straight up on-the-lam type exile) compels some to live in Cuba as well, as does just wanting to take it easy on a safe, sunny isle.
Politics aside, a number of Americans have begun living in and retiring to Cuba in 2018. Cuba is well known for many things, from its cigars to its classic cars to the infamous Fidel Castro. Thus, many expats seeking employment in Cuba might find themselves settling in Havana. The foreigner who want to retire on the island will need an adaption period to the local life, which is very different from the situation in the tourist resorts or abroad. Today, life in Trinidad is mostly dominated by tourism, and the streets are just as filled with foreign visitors as they are with Cuban locals. I’m from NY, sure. House in the center of Santiago de Cuba, excellent position to enjoy the city. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife. With InterNations, you never stand alone.

So make sure to bring enough cash when you visit a hospital or clinic. Their reforms’ objective is to improve undergraduate studies, which are deemed to take too long. Member since 30 May 2010 Edmonton. You can only buy property, a car, or start your own business if you are married to a Cuban national. With a thriving, cosmopolitan capital city and a new appreciation of the free market, the sky is the limit!

This is because in the past, Americans have been unable to enter Cuba directly, unless they fit into one of the.

Not sure about the nightlife? After all, it has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site, together with the neighboring Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills). Many Americans who are now living in Cuba are surprised by the strong American presence that exists in the island.

Its healthcare system threatened to collapse as the budget for medicine and medical equipment shrunk by 70%. I arrived at night into José Martí International Airport, and there were absolutely no questions asked of me at immigration. Enter the e-mail address you registered with, Find the best prices for your flight tickets to Cuba. You can’t compete in the local job market and take work away from citizens. Before the big changes the revolution brought, it was particularly the rural population which did not have access to basic education. You can start a business or work for a foreign company. today? Make It Easy with Our Home-Finding, Moving, Settling-In, and Other Essential Services. You won’t regret taking a risk and moving to the island, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner. Unfortunately, while the government put lots of effort into improving rural life, major cities were forgotten about. Southwest Airlines 2. Foreigners Buying. It is hard and complicated to try and summarize their relationship between Cuba and the United States, as there are many social and political factors in play. I arrived at night into José Martí International Airport, and there were absolutely no questions asked of me at immigration. “Hey fren! However, relations between Cuba and the US are gradually getting better since Obama’s visit in 2016, and some people think it may be a matter of time until this law is removed. But I can do internet - SO expensive! Find your dream job and take your career to an international level. As mentioned above, the public healthcare system in Cuba covers all citizens. An American expat in Havana examines the process of adjusting and readjusting to life in Cuba, and confronting that old, persistent question of just what home means.
En español | If you are a U.S. citizen and qualify for Social Security, you can receive payments while living in most other countries.Under Treasury Department sanctions, Social Security will not send money to anyone residing in Cuba or North Korea, although affected U.S. citizens can recoup payments once they move elsewhere. The Competition, Big Banks are Starting to Enter the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Craze.

From big cities to rural villages, living in Cuba may take you everywhere, whether you’d prefer a more urban life or the less luxurious countryside. Except for waiting in a long line, I would say the whole ordeal was about five minutes. This includes personalizing content and advertising. Site map. For more information, or for assistance with any second passport program, please contact us HERE, Thank you. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 additional months from your time of entry into Cuba. InterNations is a global network where you can connect with like-minded expats and global minds, find valuable tips and information, and join events and groups to meet new people face-to-face.

Originally called La Villa de San Cristóbal de la Habana, Havana served as a center for trade and commerce in the 16th century.

30 May 2010 02:22:26. Cuba offers everything that an American retiree is looking for. For someone like me (i.e. Do you want to relocate? ( Log Out /  It is absolutely essential that you get acquainted with your new environment and the real estate market before settling for a property. It really isn’t! First off, there are far fewer expats here than in other Caribbean countries and Latin American capitals. Interestingly my friend wasn’t stamped on her way in, but definitely was, on her way out.

InterNations makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your expat friends, both online and offline, so you can grow your network of friends and contacts from all over the world. What to do if there are foreigners present – most of whom aren’t used to being touched, much less kissed by strangers? Foreigners living in Cuba, where are you? – J.R.R.

Foreigners can’t own private businesses for example, so there are none of the stereotypical (insert nationality here) sports bars/sidewalk cafés/burger joints acting like a foreign resident magnet you find in other countries. Instant Download - Print off for your private library before the government demands we take these down! Attend our many events to get to know like-minded expats, both in Cuba and around the world!

I discovered that I wasn't the only British spouse looking for an expat women group in Havana. Plenty of houses obviously need major repairs. Go to our forums and put your questions to knowledgeable people who are just like you.

For those of you not ready for Cuba, you might consider Panama. I want to see if there are interesting international events in Havana. From all the websites I checked before moving to Havana, InterNations seemed to have the highest quality and looked the most inviting. They are very expensive (the tuition fee is 12,600 USD and 9320 USD for grades 11 and 12, respectively), so if you are unable to send your children to one of these schools, you should consider arranging for Spanish lessons in order to prepare them for the local schools. The government wants only high net worth retirees or those that will bring jobs and money into the country. Cuba is a blocked (US) country and has no automobile industry so issues related to transportation are …, It is so sweet of you to write. Universal vaccinations and other universal programs have almost eradicated diseases like polio, rubella, tuberculosis, or chicken pox. Good medical care, warm and cozy beaches, cheap living expenses and much more. You should not retire in Cuba thinking that you will maintain yourself with the salary from the business you open or the job you get there, a Cuban salary is not enough to give yourself a good lifestyle. “What airline are you flying with?”  When I responded, “Copa,” he told me that I didn’t need to be there, I could just pick up a tourist card in Panama (my stopover). Try it, recommend it! 1 post BrendaG. The answer isn’t an easy one especially if you want to go through official channels. Are you curious about moving to Cuba? American college students choose to study abroad in Cuba, Cuban Americans make up a huge part of the population in Havana, and American entertainment is sold all over the Cuban black market. Although the debate over personal safety in Cuba rages on, with people such as Elias Carranza, a senior official with the UN Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders Institute, contending that Cuba is the safest region in the Western hemisphere, others argue that this is simply government propaganda. These three ways are as follows: There are very few international schools in Cuba: among them, the International School of Havana and the École Française de La Havana.

Throughout your life in Cuba’s southeast, you will most likely discover even more places to see and things to do. This blog is about living and loving between Cuba and Canada.

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