Many other variations are also possible. High profile slides are useful for applications where the nature of the work to be done requires a more rugged construction than the low profile slide assemblies. Whether your end application is a special machine or an OEM product line, dovetail slides provide simple and cost effective precision movement and tooling positioning solutions for machine builders and users. Standard dovetail-slide sets range from a couple inches to 20 in. are ready-made tracks that move on low friction or bearing ways to serve as motion guides for feeding and retracting parts…tools…or fixtures…on all types of machinery. Ball Screws available with assorted motor drives. Standard Features. For higher loads and/or longer carrier travel, the Acme thread is recommended. to suite the application requirements. This type of slide permits installation of electric cycle controls and other optional auxiliary equipment. (pdf) printable version of this page. The efficient and effortless performance of Milwaukee MachineTool’s machine slides provides precise, accurate horizontal and vertical line movement. Heavy Duty Recessed Base Machine Slides are also available with a mounting flange. for air operated cylinders. the way system is naturally protected without the need for bulky They are available in the same sizes as RB slides. DuraBond linear motion slides are made for use in applications including machine tool, special machinery, power train, fixturing, work holding and general manufacturing. The recessed design in the base of the slide makes it possible to install a carrier drive inside the slide base. Our machine tool spindles and components are of the highest quality and have achieved a great reputation for their long life in many demanding applications. wide with saddles to 36 in. Typical feed mechanisms might be rodless air cylinders, standard air or hydraulic cylinders, rack and pinion drives, special ball screws and position feedback equipment. Whether your end application is a special machine or an OEM product line, Gilman can assure you responsive engineering, precision manufacturing and prompt service. Please visit our resource section for catalogs and CAD drawings on our complete and customizable line of spindle products. Our precision rails with their rolling elements utilize a NEW design which offers a more stable structure for with-standing moment loads. They are available for design applications where the means for mounting, movement, and other requirements are provided by the customer. Kenosha, WI 53140 Learn more. Inquiries for special uses of power driven recessed base type slides are invited.

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