We arrive on October 1 and I am now lead to be believe that we must remain in Mexico for six months during this first visit once the process at the Immigration has been finalized or we would have to start the process over again in Canada. Date of entry to Mexico —–Date of return to India Are both acceptable? Gary, thank you for your kind words, we are happy that you have found useful information on our website. Xolo, you’re welcome! This is called an FM2 – Immigrante visa. Hello Thanks for your input. Ali, we are based in the State of Yucatán, so we don’t know the timing in other offices outside of our State. When I list myself as retired it asks for my monthly income in pesos. Dan, the Immigration Law states that if you can show income of at least 1,300 USD approximately over the past 6 months before your application, you should be able to qualify for temporary residency. Both of your names must appear in the bank statements. Should I go back to the US to apply (the Raleigh, North Carolina is the closet office) or can I apply here at the Quetzaltenango, Guatemala office? We are husband and wife and an 11 year old child. I am a US citizen. If I do temporary now and then the law changes, will I have to deal with the new laws or will I be grandfathered-in under the old laws (guaranteed residency after 4 years)? – The letter for the canje needs to be in Spanish. It has been over 2 months since the visa application. FMM form, provided at the port of entry, marked as. If I apply for residente temporal from within Mexico, what documentation do I need? Hello, For further information about the immigration procedure you can contact us here: info@yucatanyes.com. you previously told me the saving requirement for a married couple is 22.000 USD. I have question about document requirements in mexico to receive residency cards. Would you advise me to take a native Mexican friend to assist? Lee, there must be franchises available to foreigners, as long as they have work permits and of course, as long as the requirements of the franchise allow it; but the Mexican Law does not prohibits it. The organization you will be working for in Mexico will pay you in Mexico? How do I prove I am married to a Mexican citizen? Will you be hired from a Mexican entity? We also would like to become residents. – my wife and I are young (38 and 41) … will they still count retirement accounts like 401k or IRA as our savings, or does it have to be investments or non-retirement accounts? I do the 6 month border FMM and TIP roulette but all this travel is getting stale and fast. – Regarding the canje, you will need to print the online form, sign it and submit it at the Immigration office in Tamaulipas. However, if you look for a longer term type of visa, start with temporary residency and then after 4 years you will become permanent resident. Once the applicant has submitted at the Immigration Offices all the documents mentioned above, he/she will receive a document with two numbers (one is called “NUT” and other is called pieza) and a password; these numbers will help the applicant to follow up on his/her procedure online at: https://www.inm.gob.mx/tramites/publico/seguimiento-tramite.html. Thank you once again. I am french and on the way to request a temporary residence Visa, as my wife is mexican. Elizabeth, you could apply for temporary residency because permanent residency is only for retired people. Mary, thank you for your kind words. Dear Sirs, in the page 30 of the ebook, you mention that for such visa you need to provide a legal document issued by an authority of the applicant’s country of origin. Alice, that’s amazing, thanks for sharing! Is there a written test? I am wondering I do not receive SSA, however I do receive a (permanent) monthly disability check (amount meets criteria) as a disabled u.s. veteran.

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