A spacious mid-century house with a sprawling lawn area and a kidney-shaped swimming pool that has a pair of sitting lounges on the side. Find your dream home. Palm Springs is known for its magnificent and luxurious mid-century houses—some with flat roofs as shown. Both building materials were considered thoroughly modern at the time. The interior stays with its white theme, featuring white walls and ceiling with exposed beams lighted by a gorgeous pendant lighting. Professional house flipper James Judge restored this mid-century modern ranch to its former, gorgeous glory. The room is lighted by well-placed recessed lights. Construction of the classic middle-class abodes populating the neighborhood started in 1949 and wrapped up in 1957. You’ll find that there are solid and basic colors in blocked styles. See more mid-century bathroom designs here.

101 Interior Design Ideas for 25 Types of Rooms in a House (2020 Photos), 17 Mid-Century Homes – Exterior and Interior Examples & Ideas (Photos), 1. This one is something you’ll really want to check out for yourself and your household before you go choosing anything else. A sprawling Mid-century modern mansion of Meryl Streep, which boasts a large courtyard filled with plants and trees. You’ll also notice that many of the examples below have been nicely renovated. Charming Mid-Century Cabin . This abode has an open floor plan, two floors with the upper being loft-style, and of course large windows. This mid-century cabin spotted on Glamping Hub, is reminiscent of a nordic ski chalet. The garden of the property boasts many kinds of plants and mature trees. These homes were built between 1940 and 1980 and have a contemporary design. Houston Mid Century with Vintage Details Galore! The yard's minimal landscaping is also rooted in the mid-century aesthetic. The main materials for midcentury design are very basic and clean-cut. Why? However A-frame homes, like this California cabin featured on Glamping Hub, were equally popular as second homes. The interior features an open concept, which if you are not in the know, became a thing during the modernist movement. The distinguishing features are still important for functionality and a chic style.

A mid-century bungalow-style house featuring a private oasis-like backyard. Note the circular driveway—once a staple for large estates become a covetable feature for mid-century suburbanites with sizable yards. A mix of contemporary style and mid-century style house. Located steps from the waterways of Huntington Harbor, California, Bailey Residence is a remodel of a regional midcentury house, developed in the 1960s along with the rest of the Harbor neighborhood. He mixed the materials and technologies of the international style with classical elements for “a more ceremonial modern style,” McAlester writes. A unique property of incredible modernist character & design, […], Mid-century modern 1954 Ralph E. Parachek home combines distinctive architecture + contemporary upgrades. The homes are found largely in California and some suburbs of the Northeast, and “the early experimental nature of the style is highlighted by how many of the well-publicized early houses were designed for the architect, the architect’s mother or a professor.”. This project began in 2015 with the small scope of a new wheelchair-friendly bathroom design. Below each photo are links that take you to extensive mid-century modern photo galleries for each room.

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