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It feels kind of minimalist in a world of bright colours and slogans. $ 30, Regular price Auch dieser Neoprenanzug wird aus “premium 4-way mega-stretch” Neopren gefertigt. And how long after ordering did the wetsuit arrive at your door? All of you tea bags floating out the back… get moving! $ 60, Regular price I have the 4/3 with the 'wind-stopper' neoprene back panel and if you are surfing on a sunny day you can get very warm. $ 250, 4/3mm Ultra Premium Thermal Chest Zip Wetsuit, Regular price As it happens the opposite is true and I feel now very proud of the 'non-conforming', 'no tags' wetsuit. Quite a few manufacturers such as Billabong mention the use of recycled tyres in the lamination of neoprene, which is very intriguing given the tonnes of them that are lying around waiting to be used… All of these many efforts laid out from end to end contribute to lowering the carbon imprint of the surf industry in Europe, at the heart of which the wetsuit plays a major part. $ 35, Regular price $ 25, Regular price Welcome to ION! It follows three friends from the subtropical northern rivers of NSW Australia, surfers Torren Martyn and Laurie Towner, as well as needessentials founder and designer Ryan Scanlon. Thermal linings, extra stretch, comfort, quick drying… When it’s cold, entry-level wetsuits are of no interest to anyone. It's a huge step forward for the leg rope as we know it and the folks at FCS have taken it to the next... No more wax for your stick, is it possible? $ 145, Regular price Available online for Australia / New Zealand / Japan Logistics have improved also, with many brands managing to group shipments together and simplify the whole process. Durch den aktiven Verzicht auf überflüssiges Branding, Verpackungsmaterial, Retail Mark-Ups usw. $ 120, Regular price Or a life-vest. A Quick Catch Up : As needessentials are a new(ish) company, with a kind of new idea which I kind of liked the sound of, I thought I would get our hands on one of their suits and see how they actually felt to put on, and try and provide some real feedback. The features vary from entry-level to high end. $ 50, Premium Lightweight Boardshort - Slate Blue, Regular price In the shops, the general feeling is that surfers buy a new winter wetsuit once every two years on average, and market growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down, quite the contrary. This is an update on all things neoprene in the European market place for 2019 by Denis Houillé. $ 20, like, branding, packaging, retail mark ups, athlete contracts, and expensive marketing campaigns, need. There will also be revolutionary foams in terms of shape-memory, which now offers incredible levels of stretch and comfort in the water. Not only does word of mouth work, it’s a determining factor in different areas and spots where surfers swear by one brand or another. Length (CM)- Palm (base) to Middle Finger Tip. Continually striving to find the perfect fit, Volte Wetsuits has concentrated on shoulder and chest panels to make it as easy as possible to put on and take off their wetsuits. I used an old wetsuit as a test subject with an iron on high, you can put a lot of heat on the suit for an extended time before you damage the wetsuit. We will be pleased to exchange unused wetsuits which are still in clean new condition. If you are not interested you can unsubscribe at any time. No labels. $ 250, 4/3mm Ultra Premium Thermal Chest Zip Wetsuit, Regular price Blended nylons are another interesting trend that is opening new horizons in terms of colours and textures, especially in linings, as John Westlake from Alder wetsuits explained to us. By forgoing all non essentials like, branding, packaging, retail mark ups, athlete contracts, and expensive marketing campaigns, needessentials can make you a world class wetsuit at a fraction of the cost of other premium surf brands. Once you’ve found it, you never want to wear another!”. On weekdays, outside of school holidays, morning, noon and night, surfing is adapting to all schedules just as neoprene is to all climates… as long as the waves are good. I believe both suits have had about the same amount of water time. The brand manager at Manera has a laugh at the sake of his team riders who say putting on one of these wetsuits feels like “sliding into a warm bed in the dead of winter”. Next winter, as far as product aesthetics are concerned it’s all about understated efficiency. Also in the name of comfort and freedom of movement, at Mystic Wetsuits they “think that zip closures systems will disappear in the future”. needESSENTIALS is not a brand - we make premium products at a fraction of the price. We all were in 3 mil wetsuits and my son doubled up with a 1 mil. Der Limestone “V-Foam” Neopren machen den Surfanzug extrem leicht und sehr flexibel. But, based on past experience, manufacturers have worked to reinforce their neoprene by developing outer coatings that endure the effects of stretching, high winds and UV rays much better than in the past. Just keeping things very simple. My wife is a huge fan too and I have already lined her up for the (new) women's model for her birthday ( I know, lucky hey). The number of surfers in the water, even in the hardest to reach areas is constantly increasing. Conclusion: I am a fan, a massive fan. Flex & Weight: This is the second most popular question that people have for us. Kontaktieren Sie unser kompetentes Kundendienstteam für Hilfe und Beratung bei Ihrem Wassersportkauf. $ 245, Regular price THOSE BELOVED INTERNAL LININGS We have noticed no difference in performance. It looks like the brands removed all needless features in order to concentrate on the essentials and perfecting the finished products with timeless designs featuring only a simple, and in some cases, revisited logo as a final touch. Last but not least, Yann Dalibot the president and CEO of French brand Soöruz confides that in the R&D department they are using panels of curved neoprene as much as possible for added elasticity and comfort. $ 35, Regular price As a result, they have also succeeded in lengthening the overall lifespan of their products. I am also a large in O'Neil & Excel suits if that helps anyone. $ 15, Regular price $ 275, Regular price Also we believe that needessentials will be addressing this in their next winter delivery and will have a key-loop on all their wetsuits. The desire to explore new surf frontiers is getting to the point that even products that are meant for winter use only are being used in the middle of summer to access cold water destinations. I did not want it to cost a lot of money, or have any fancy features, names or colours. Regular price It follows three friends from the subtropical northern rivers of NSW Australia, surfers Torren Martyn and Laurie Towner, as well as needessentials founder and designer Ryan Scanlon. Mit dieser wärmenden Beschichtung wird das wenige Wasser im Neoprenanzug direkt erhitzt und wirkt wärmend am Körper. Also there is absolutely no flushing at all or leaking so the suit has remained 100% effective after 10 months from a warmth perspective. Torren Martyn ist der Mann für stylische Ritte. Mit dem Surfers Adventskalender hast du täglich die Chance neues Equipment, Reise-Gutscheine und vieles mehr... A State of Play  - so heisst der neue Film von needessentials Team Rider Drew McPherson und dem Fotografen Nathan Henshaw. “There are more surfers in the water than ever before and at the same time, there is more competition in the market than ever before”, admits C-Skins founder Mark Brown. S at urday, 26 Dec 2015 at 12:09pm. $ 55, Regular price Dyldo83 started the topic in . Besides, who wouldn’t exchange a few extra euros for a few extra degrees of warmth? $ 145, Regular price Everyone likes a bargain and everyone likes to get their money's worth. $ 95, 6/4.5/3.5mm Ultra Premium Thermal - Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit, Regular price Nordurland is a film about going surfing in the harsh, cold waters of the North Atlantic. The guys at RSPro believe it... We test some boots from Wetty that claim to have that 'barefoot feeling', the promise of surfing with boots on that don't feel like boots was too much, we had to give this one a... Cei tests a set of Wardo fins from Watermark and has a little accident, what did he think of the performance, the value for money and the... Read more about FCS Freedom Leash - Tested, Read more about RSPro Eco Front Traction Pad - Tested, Read more about Wetty Wetsuit Boots - Tested, Read more about Watermark Wardo Fins - Tested. Nonetheless, for the last few years, prices have remained stable, which is a sign of wellbeing in a market that has made the promise never to sacrifice quality for profit margin. needessentials 4/3 steamer (left) vs Vissla (right). I was a avid swimmer but the last 15 years I have been two embarrassed to go swimming due to sagging skin (lost 190lbs.). $ 45, Regular price It has clocked up a lot of hours in the water. $ 190. We did like the way the Vissla felt and it was a good suit but as you can see, the needessentials is in almost new condition, no contest. I have had a fair amount of people contacting me, asking us about sizing and how the wetsuit was wearing or lasting, so I thought it might be an idea to write this follow up article and report on the durability, flex, warmth and features after 10 months use. It would seem to be relatively easy to solve, but according to them they “still see way too many people who surf with a wetsuit filled with water”. Manera has paid particular attention to the taping process, now using a welding process with a hot air machine to make the seams even more durable and waterproof while maintaining very good flexibility. It’s undeniable. Their role is so crucial to cold-water surfing they are the true feature you can’t live without for the current generation of wetsuit users.

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