Rune King Thor Lol imagine thinking RKT is multiversal and CAS outversal smh, RKT scales to the level of TWSAIS who transcend infinity and are above the 8th cosmos, Marvel cosmology >>> DC realms besides that RKT destroyed the Yggdrasil which contains all the entities cosmic including the Living Tribunal himself. Team Rune King Thor vs Team Cosmic Armor Superman # Team Rune King Thor @Rajin Nah, both RKT and CAS are very close to omnipotence and have enough power to oneshot the other versions of each, except that OKPT also has the power at least to resist the CAS' existence erasure so he'll help something., Fighting back against a self-assembling hyper story trying to kill him, as strong as he needs to be in order to save the day, Holding and perceiving Limbo in his fingertips, the most primal and fundamental dimension in Grant Morrison's DC Cosmology, Transcending the standard spatio-temporal flow that is contained within The Multiverse, Clashing with Mandrakk and causing the entire Monitor Sphere, used rune magic to erase Mangog from existence, which contains the living tribunal's true form, the neutral zone which is beyond the superflow, is where the most elderly concepts reside in, didn't give a sh*t about multi eternity collapsing and are the gods of oblivion, the Source Wall basically holds all of DC together on the Overvoid, Fought back against a self-assembling hyper story trying to kill him, Held and perceived Limbo in his fingertips, Transcends the standard spatio-temporal flow that is contained within The Multiverse, Clashed with Mandrakk and caused the entire Monitor Sphere. Last edited: 19 d ago. Team Cosmic Armor Superman vs Team Rune King Thor # Team Rune King Thor SPH and RKT are the reason why team 2 takes slighly the advantage, the rest are close to each other. this video is basically about COSMIC ARMOUR SUPERMAN VS RUNE KING THOR and I basically break down their powers and lore.

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