Joining Direct by TCGplayer is easy! Browse Magic and Pokémon cards with the TCGplayer icon or showcased in the Direct by TCGplayer Spotlight. Shipping cards to TCGplayer means 100% of those cards can be available to be promoted as TCGplayer Direct eligible, increasing your sales significantly! TCGplayer Direct will support Pokémon this April and Yu-Gi-Oh! I'll look into it more once I have enough inventory. The eBay Final Value fee is a minimum of $0.50 regardless of item price.Paypal charges a minimum of $0.30 per transaction regardless of amount.That leaves about $0.20, and of course you have to pay postage... Maybe these fees are slightly lower for high volume sellers, but I'm still not sure how it's viable or worthwhile. I once sent them a shipment of like 100+ cards that was an order of thousands of dollars for the direct program. What's the downside to selling on tcgplayer direct I used to have a small but successful online store, and I sold sell mostly on amazon and ebay rather than tcgplayer due to fees. The commission and Pro fee total is capped at $50 per product sold. ... We created a one minute video to help you decide if Direct by TCGplayer is the right program for you. I'm reading the FAQs and understanding how it works but I am wondering if it's worth it. Get all the cards you ordered fast and in one package. Level 4 seller; 99.5% Feedback Rating over the past 30 days; Direct Eligible inventory of approximately 3000 cards. Thanks, this is the kind of thing i was wprried about. I've been doing some research on tcgplayer Direct to reopen the store, but it seems too good to be true. Press J to jump to the feed. If I'm selling you 10 commander cards for $3.50 in total, It still doesn't really bother me. Scan to Sell Your Cards on the TCGplayer App Turn your cards into cash with the TCGplayer … They are oatensibly rather strict, but it isn’t actually consistent. Choose from different themes, widgets and. TCGplayer Direct will support Pokémon this April and Yu-Gi-Oh! I'd say if you're looking to minimze this, stick … TV Tokyo.Privacy Policy  |  Terms of Service. Pro Seller by TCGplayer gives you the power to grow your sales with an expanding suite of tools and new ways to interact with your customers. Selling on TCGPlayer Direct. TCGplayer protects you against credit card scams and has built-in security features to provide 100% fraud protection. Direct by TCGplayer revolutionizes the shopping experience for the Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon markets. Learn More. I prefer it to taking individual photos of each Magic card and fussing with a title and description for ebay or Facebook. Well they're Very Very Very strict on condition. Intro to Pro Seller by TCGplayer. Fastest Payment When you receive an online order it is flagged for payment that day. We also condition every card that passes through our warehouse. TCGplayer Direct is the best way to buy and sell cards online. Megan Burns. Like Thunder said, you have to be a major trader already to qualify. TCGplayer Fees. Replenish your inventory with Buylist and access products from millions of vendors. Rares/holos/shinies/ex's or anything else that you want to show off! Also the fees don't magically disappear, it's just a great way of saving time and making it a lot easier to sell. All Direct sellers can use the 'Pricing Tab' to manage prices with .csv’s. But its when the sale is really tiny that it starts to suck. My 200 sales in 1 year was not enough. Increase profits and decrease labor with Direct. This is Reddit's hub for discussing speculating(2) and not for discussing speculating(1) about Magic: the Gathering cards. to easily build and customize your website. What's the downside to selling on tcgplayer direct I used to have a small but successful online store, and I sold sell mostly on amazon and ebay rather than tcgplayer due to fees. Customers prefer Direct, and you'll likely see online orders increase 3x after joining. You also have to have at least 3,000 cards listed. With Pro, you'll be able to optimize your workflow using powerful tools like Quicklist and MassPrice to easily update and price your inventory. Store Your Products (SYP) is a full service fulfillment program where we list, store, ship, and manage all customer service for your online sales out of your SYP account. Orders arrive to customers safely and on time. I've been doing some research on tcgplayer Direct to reopen the store, but it seems too good to be true. in which you request more information and our coordination team will be in touch. Here are some FAQs we have collected along the way from some of the sellers in our SYP community. Individual Sellers - TCGplayer Marketplace. Are there negatives to being a direct seller? We package and ship your online orders to save your business time and money. Question to anyone who is selling cards with tcgplayer Direct. Streamline your online sales by shipping your products to TCGplayer after they sell. Grow sales beyond your walls, power up your store with Pro and store your products with Direct fulfillment.

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