Kaito and Risako hang out with their housemates while Yui and Aio try to decide their next steps. On a snowy day, Mayu and Takayuki talk about love, while Shohei and Seina continue spending time together. Mizuki spends the night in Tokyo with her old boyfriend. Cute dates. What a stubborn girl.

New member Aya settles into the house, and the members make plans to go camping together. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

A stubborn kid who refuses to listen and take advice? I hope her heart is healed because I think she was in the house with the wrong set of people. Oh Mayu, where do I begin. Nobody really saw it coming that Sota would turn out as kind of a weirdo, yeah? Lo and behold, our very first LGBTQ+ house member! Prolonged his stay in the house with no professional or personal achievement in his belt. Format: Name / Born / Professional Status.

A new member joins Terrace House. My name is Justine and this is a personal blog of sorts. Yui Tanaka / 1996 / University student.

Risako has concerns and talks to one of Wada's band members, Kawatani... Kaito and Maya go on a date in Shonan.

He confesses he does like someone. The members throw a birthday party for Ami and Shion, and Takayuki surprises everyone by shaving his mustache. After a beer factory tour, Sota asks Maya on another date, but she refuses.

Shohei takes Seina out on a birthday dinner.

He kept it spotless. Read more. A new member arrives. Good for her, she already has a pleasant and strong personality so she’s still badass. Risako sets a date to go out with Sota and Aio.

Many people thought he was being fake because he mentioned in the beginning that he just wanted to be liked but he ACTUALLY did everything to deserve to be liked.

Shohei takes Seina out on a birthday dinner.

Then they plan a birthday party for Kaito. Takayuki tells Aya a secret. Time will tell with all these Terrace House couples……. Some familiar faces return.

That evening, snuggled under a blanket... One evening, Aio takes Yui to a bar and says he likes her... Risako continues to be absent from the House due to work.
That is why I like Shion. Yes, even the “driver” scene with Sota. I’m not a fan of guys who push themselves towards a girl with stalkery tendencies. With the tournament over, Tsubasa has time to think about her next steps -- including her reply to Shion. Terrace House: Opening New Doors (Japanese: テラスハウス オープニング ニュー ドアーズ, Hepburn: Terasu Hausu Ōpuningu Nyū Doāzu) is a Japanese reality television series in the Terrace House franchise set in Karuizawa of the Nagano prefecture in Japan. Wada is infatuated with Risako and tries to impress her with lunch. I guess I could relate, at times being unable to resist the past.

Shohei makes plans to ask Seina to date him, and Aya asks Shohei for a favor. Who will it be? Takayuki takes Ami to a breathtaking cafe, while Tsubasa's confidence takes a hit after hearing about Shion's ex.


Name: Kentaro Ito Japanese: 伊藤健太郎 Ex-Stage Name: Kentaro (健太郎) Born: June 30, 1997 Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Height: 178 cm Blood Type: Instagram: kentaro_official_ Twitter: @kentaro_aoao Movies. Almost immediately, Noah and Mayu head out on a date. New member Shunsuke begins a journey of self-discovery.

Tsubasa and Shion head to Kusatsu Onsen. Mizuki spends the night in Tokyo with her old boyfriend. In this special comedy event, top stand-ups of today honor legendary comedians of the past who helped shape comedy into what it is now. Of course she already knew how everything worked, therefore playing everything to her advantage. That sounds amazing. When Ami hears about it, she invites Takayuki snowboarding. What a man.

After hearing from Shohei, Noah asks Seina out on a date. Nothing bad to say about anyone. Risako confronts Yui about Aio's shocking confession. If you’ve been reading my subjective rankings, you’d know how this goes by now.

When some members go out to lunch, he seems to hit it off with one girl in particular. She deserved everything she got due to her actions.

Every scene with her in it didn’t want me want to strangle her or anything like that. Shut out by Ami, Yuudai reconnects with an old girlfriend too, while Takayuki tries to help. Meanwhile, Mizuki makes a decision, and Yuudai cooks for a house party.
I loved it—but I did not super love it, I just realized. Retired soccer player who’s been playing all his life, for some reason didn’t see the fruits of his labor in the industry or maybe it wasn’t his passion anymore, decided to join Terrace House and just relax, take a breather, and find other options.. something he has not done in years. Positive vibes. Really good role models for us to emulate. This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 11:02. View Details . She NEEDED Terrace House. The members throw a birthday party for Ami and Shion, and Takayuki surprises everyone by shaving his mustache. Yuudai vows to make changes and finds a restaurant to work at, while Ami makes some career decisions. Next.

Meanwhile, Mizuki makes a decision, and Yuudai cooks for a house party. Takayuki gives Aya a gift before he takes her skateboarding. It's Valentine's Day, and Tsubasa is about to head to Nagoya for the national championships. Seina returns from a trip to Korea looking somewhat different. Tsubasa gives Shion her answer. I am SURE he and Yui had a closer relationship off-cam than when the cameras were rolling that’s why their couple announcement was so lackluster. For me he is one of those refreshing weirdos.

Meanwhile, after a surprising conversation with Shohei, Noah hangs out with Yui once again. Three new members join the House: skateboarder Kaito, student Maya, and company employee Sota.

Tsubasa gives Shion his gift privately. I felt like she lead Masao too and used him to gain sympathy.

Of course, I will provide a little insight into my choices but that’s pretty much it. Like I said, I love a good personal development story. The Hall: Honoring the Greats of Stand-Up. Takayuki takes Noah to the yakitori place. Yui talks to Shohei about Noah, and then tells Noah off the next day.

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