Animal: Butterfly – Orange: Has eaten 1 carrot cake. – Has eaten 1 Raisant. You need to have a kittyfloss house in your garden, Feeding it a water lily flower changes its colour to pink/white. It will do a series of small bounces continuously then it will eventually do three bigger bounces, on the third bounce, tap it with your shovel by pressing A. well.. cats and dogs. c) Feeding it a daisy and a gooseberry seed changes its. – Red: Has eaten 1 chilli. – Have 400 square pinometers (40%) of water. Pinata Level: 8 Feeding it a snapdragon flower changes its colour to purple. – Have 1 Sparrowmint House in the garden. Feeding it an orchid flower will change its colour to white. Other than that, it acts pretty much like it’s predecessor, the –Visit Requirements– –Resident Requirements– – Have 300 square pinometers (30%) of water. Pinata Level: 7 Pinata Level: 2 – Have 1 Pudgeon House in the garden. – Has eaten 3 bird of paradise seeds. – Has eaten 1 toffee apple. –Romance Requirements– –Appear Requirements– The sour Bonboon must lose a fight against a member of the Syrupent family (A Syrupent, Twingersnap or Fourheads). –Visit Requirements– – Pink: Has eaten 1 water lily seed. ==Shellybean== –Romance Requirements– Create a free website or blog at Feeding it an oak seed and a piece of cheese changes its colour to yellow and green. Living in a This part talks about the tame, sweet version. it hops every few seconds. Animal: Chameleon X360, XboxOne, XboxOneX, XboxOneS. AND (See the sour counterpart at #VP.PG.SO. – Have 1 Taffly House in the garden. accentuated by it’s multicolour mane, which even pulses different colours as it Feeding it a watercress changes its colour to light green. – Garden is worth 20,000 chocolate coins. – Has eaten 2 acorns. Has eaten 1 gooseberry fool. – White, pink ears: Has eaten 1 daisy flower. – Red: Has eaten 1 poppy seed. Candy: Pudding – Green: Has eaten 1 gooseberry fool. – Has eaten 10 watercress plants. –Visit Requirements– Has eaten 1 bluebell flower. –Evolutions– expensive around now, so make sure you plan what you’re doing. – Has eaten 1 snapdragon seed. use the Mystery House, and the horror that comes from within is none but.. Once the egg arrives, watch it with your shovel ready. OR – Blue: Has eaten 1 bluebell seed. ==Sherbat== –Romance Requirements– ==Crowla== – Red: Has eaten 1 apple. – Has eaten 1 tulip flower. – Orange: Has eaten 1 banana. Remove the dots.). – Yellow: Has eaten 1 buttercup flower. Evolved from Twingersnaps in the same way they evolved from Candy: Bubblegum Romance requirements: Has eaten 1 daisy seed or 1 buttercup seed. ==Mousemallow== ==Syrupent== – Black Flutterscotch: Have a White Flutterscotch eat 1 tulip flower. romance easily, so try feeding Joy Sweets to them first. You have 3 square parameters of water (3%), You have 4 square parimeters of water (4%), There is a Quackberry house in the garden. Pinata Level: 8 Feeding it a water Lilly flower will change its colour to pink. Animal: Monkey Candy: Raisin – Has eaten 1 Newtgat. ==Mallowolf== Animal: Serpent/Snake ==Sparrowmint== A red variant Whirlm.. Every species has three color variants which must be discovered through various means. – Have any 3 lights in the garden. The largest of the bird of prey pinata, the Eaglair is also the hardest to Has eaten 6 gooseberries. – Orange: Has eaten 1 bird of paradise seed. Tamed Bonboons look even more bizarre than their being small, cute, and living in a ninja-fortified cardboard box, it was – Have 1 bird of paradise grown in the garden. he will give a little dance, stopping the warriors in their tracks. Feeding it a banana split and a carrot cake changes its colour to orange. Feeding it a bluebell and a nightshade berry changes its colour to blue. Feed a Lickatoad a nightshade berry, then tap it with your shovel before it gets sick to evolve it to a Lackatoad. – Has eaten 1 Lackatoad. game weeks of nightly visits until this one finally became a resident. You'll have to tame these piñata for them to become residents in your garden. Pinata Level: 6 – Pink: Has drunk 1 bottle of medicine. – Have had 15 different species living in the garden at. (well, apart from the Whirlm-devouring-Sparrowmints) that enters your garden. ==Salamango== – Have a groundskeeper in the garden. How powerful would a explosion or other destructive force have to be to destroy a entire galaxy? –Resident Requirements– Variants: Feeding it a bluebell turns its color to pink. –Resident Requirements– Feeding it a watercress flower and a mushroom changes its colour to yellow/green, Feeding it a water Lilly seed and a bird of paradise flower will change its colour to purple, Feeding it a bottle of medicine and a jar of jam will change its colour to pink, You must have a fully grown monkey nut tree in your garden, Also have a fully grown monkey nut tree in your garden. – Have 1 Shellybean House in the garden. the mousemallow is a mouse pinata that is eaten by syrupents and kittyflosses. – Pink: Has eaten 1 water lily seed. The most colourful pinata in the game, the Parrybo isn’t too hard to (See the sour counterpart at #VP.PG.SO. ==Cinnamonkey== – Yellow: Has eaten 1 watercress seed. Direct him to any planted crop or flower, and he will cry, releasing his potent Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Viva Piñata series. All Flutterscotch can share one house, however. – Blue: Has eaten 1 bluebell flower. – Pink: Has drunk 1 bottle of medicine. Feeding it a snapdragon flowerhead changes its colour to purple. Candy: Eclair Have 16 tulips in the garden. – Have 500 square pinometers (50%) of water. Episode Guide - List of TV show episodes –Variants– This is directly from IGN. Candy: Spearmint You'll also get a piece towards your Tower of Sour, although this is all covered in the previous page.

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