Add the sugar, honey and vanilla paste and whisk until combined. They are 4 Smart Points per muffin on Weight Watchers Freestyle plan. Bake until the muffins have risen, are golden brown (Picture 3). This post may contains affiliate links. Disclosure and Privacy Policy, Freestyle smart points (Blue & purple)- 3 using WW recipe builder, Chocolate chip peanut butter two bite cookies, 1 cup mashed banana (about 2 medium banana's). Bake for 20 - 22 minutes until the muffins have risen and turned golden brown. Thank you so much for the recipe! You will be left with a smoothish batter (picture 5). I never use paper cups, due to the ingredients used they will stick, I always say just to spray the pan. They are actually made with wheat and barley. Transfer the batter in equal amounts to the muffin cups. Prepare all the ingredients as listed in the recipe above. Winter is on the way…..and I will be baking many more of your luscious items! Fill the cases approx half full of mixture (Picture 1). Add the vanilla paste, honey and sugar to the mixture (picture 3) and whisk to combine. genießen können und dabei hartnäckiges Fett verbrennen und Ihren Körper von schädlichen Giftstoffen befreien. Bake your muffins in the preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes or until a cake tester inserted in the middle of the muffin comes out clean. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Saw this posted on weightwatchers.. wonderful! All Rights Reserved. Cool the muffins on a wire rack till they are completely cold (Picture 4). Bake in oven 22 -26 minutes. After much mixing, and baking, and taste testing, I am here to tell you that it is true!My Miracle Muffins are just one Weight Watchers … This recipe will yield around 18 muffins. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie leckere Gerichte Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram, Filed Under: Desserts, Snacks, Uncategorized, Vegetarian Dishes Tagged With: 4 smart points, 4 SmartPoints. At just one point per muffin it is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth minus the guilt! Pour batter into muffin cups and bake for 20 minutes, let cool, Mix your 2 Tbsp white sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon together and spread it out on a flat surface (I used a small flat plate), Melt your butter and brush on top of muffins *I did one at a time so the butter does not dry up. The ‘streusel’ topping is made with grape-nuts, a little sugar and a bit of cinnamon – fewer SmartPoints than a normal streusel topping of butter, sugar and flour! I used approx 1/4 – 1/2 a teaspoon of mixture per muffin. WW Recipe of the Day: Skinny Banana Oatmeal Blender Muffins. I use an ice cream scoop to scoop the muffin batter into the muffin cases. You are very welcome, so glad you have enjoyed the recipes and hope you enjoy the muffins, yay for winter baking!! Your email address will not be published. Even one of Starbuck’s Skinny Blueberry Muffins is 12 SmartPoints per muffin! Thank you for another delicious recipe! Bake until golden and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, 20-25 minutes. I’m making the chocolate chip zucchini muffins, the double chocolate banana bread and was wondering if I would be able to substitute the banana in this recipe for apple sauce. Required fields are marked *. Visit this page to see what that means. So it’s best not to leave them. The ratios are important in baking. Insert a cake tester or a toothpick into the centre of the muffins - if they are cooked it will come out clean. Start checking the muffins for doneness when you see that the muffins have already risen and the top portion is already firm and no longer wet. Leave them to cool in room temperature on top of a wire rack. Place the grape-nuts in a small bowl and stir in 2 teaspoons of the sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of the cinnamon. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! If you’re looking for a low SmartPoint sweet treat, then these Banana Muffins with Streusel Topping are perfect. Thank you so much for these recipes!! They freeze well or can be stored for up to 4 days in an air tight container. If you haven’t heard of grape-nuts before, just a heads up, they contain neither grapes nor nuts! In a large bowl, with an electric mixer at medium speed, beat the sugar, applesauce, eggs and oil until frothy. In another bowl, pour the applesauce, eggs, and oil. Spoon the mixture into the cases and use 1/4 teaspoon of the grape-nut mixture to sprinkle on top. The only thing I changed was to add about a 1/2 tsp of salt, which I really think elevates the sweetness of the bananas. Sprinkle some of the streusel mix on top of each of the muffins (Picture 2). If the cake tester comes out clean then your muffins are ready! Cavendish bananas are the best to use for this recipe because they are very fragrant. Hi Karen, sometimes some of my muffin recipes are denser than normal due to the ingredients used, that said these ones for me were not too dense, it is really hard for me to access what happened without being there sorry , How do you defrost the muffins once you’ve frozen them? And following the Weight Watchers plan, that’s not really what we want as fat and sugar ratchet up the SmartPoints value. Line eighteen muffin cups with paper liners. Between summer Road trips, gas stops, no time for lunch; we’ve all found ourselves at … (not winter though haha). Bonus Content: 10 Simple Weight Watchers Recipes in under 10 Minutes. You can then add the flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon to the wet mixture (picture 4) and use a spoon to gently fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. Set the mixer to medium speed. They are the number one thing that helps me stay on track. Who is going to eat one mini-muffin?Not me. Remove from the oven and cool on a wire rack. Copyright © 2020 Pointed Kitchen on the Brunch Pro Theme. I love baking up muffins and I had some ripe bananas that were ready to be put to use, I also love cinnamon/sugar so I created these delicious banana bread cinnamon sugar muffins. Thanks for the recipe, That’s great, you are very welcome Hope you continue to enjoy the recipes, I have been searching for real recipes that don’t involve artificial foods and your site is just what I’ve been looking for!! This recipe for Banana Muffins is enough to make 12 muffins. I didn’t find these to be overly dense, however I did beat the eggs and sugar together for a couple of minutes on high to get them nice and frothy, just to incorporate some air into them. (Even the Weight Watchers recipe for Banana Chip Muffins comes in at 2 points, and that’s for a single mini-sized muffin. Also, how long do the muffins last in the fridge? DISCLAIMER / EARNINGS DISCLAIMER. Easy to make and just 4 SmartPoints per muffin on Weight Watchers Green, Blue, Purple & Freestyle plans. Add the oil, egg and fat free yogurt to the mashed banana (picture 2) and using an electric whisk, beat until the mixture is combined. I ran across this recipe for skinny banana oatmeal blender (affiliate link) muffins in a WW Facebook group the other day and couldn’t wait to share!. You may use a different variety, like Plantain, just make sure that they are really ripe. Yum! I made these , but mine turned out very dense. Bake at 375F for 20 - 25 minutes Using slightly over ripe bananas are great for this recipe as well. Dip muffin top into cinnamon/sugar mix to coat the top, repeat with all muffins. oops, lol. Recipe makes 12 muffins at just 3 smart points each on WW freestyle, you can leave the topping off and they will be 2SP but I don’t see why anyone one would want to do that Happy baking! Do not over mix. I had made these 5 SmartPoint Blueberry Muffins a couple of months ago and was delighted with the results. Weight Watchers Oatmeal Muffins: Smartpoints: 4. 10 Ways To Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss, 25 Ways to Make Money from Home - Legit Work from Home Jobs, Top 18 Foods that Detox Your Body Naturally, 8 Weight Watchers Meatloaf Recipes With SmartPoints - Freestyle Meatloaf Muffins & Pizza. I came across this yummy muffin which has 150 calories and is 3 weight watchers points, Total Carbohydrate diet recipes for people on Weight Watchers. To prevent the muffins from sticking to the case, use good quality paper cases. Mix all ingredients together. Mash the banana in a large bowl using the back of a fork until it is mostly lump free (picture 1).

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