Manorama, the daughter of a rich, orthodox family is married off, leaving her childhood friend Deodhar and his secret love for her, in despair. Inspired by a true mining tragedy the film is about people from all walks of life showing courage and character to fight the forces of nature. However the show then took an eight-year leap after Survi's death and her daughter, Khushi, who was seven years old, has grown up (also led by Sonal Vengurlekar) and marries Abeer (Zain Imam), the new male lead of the show.[1]. Kamla returns to kill Kartik and Khushi, but the police arrest her. Here you will find the full list of cast and crew who have worked on Yeh Vaada Raha (1982). Check out the new and old movies we adore and plan to stream this Diwali season, from Devdas to Hindi Medium. Talk:Yeh Vaada Raha (TV series) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Dir. Kamla pushes Lata off the roof and frames Survi for it. Languages. Sunita Sikkan Several years down the line, they aren't united but their lives are strangely interconnected. Survi falls to her death. All rights reserved. Khushi lives with Survi and runs into Kartik before they start bonding. 2009. It stars Bobby Deol in the lead role and Kangana Ranaut and Atul Agnihotri in special appearances. Raja, a fisherman is secretly in love with Mona. Genres. Rishi Kapoor is the son of a rich Raakhee Gulzar. All family members except Khushi die. Story. Survi makes Kartik realize that they are not to blame for what happened seven years ago, and thus the three reunite. Please Login with Facebook. Zara Sheikh plays the character of a girl-next-door living with her blind mother. +91-9820140345 Nirma plays the daughter of a mafia boss, who loses his life to Shaan's gun-toting adventures one day. Kartik weds Survi to protect her dignity and she is shocked. While returning home that night, he meets with an accident and wakes up in the East West Hospital paralyzed from the neck down with virtually no chance of recovery. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Title: Soon, Meher and Ranveer are arrested. A grown-up Khushi has become exactly like Survi and takes care of Kartik. She needs money for Shrikant's surgery and decides to take Kamla's help but ends up meeting Kartik who makes her stay for Lata's sake but treats her badly. Survi is rushed to the hospital. belong to their respective owners, and are used to merely visually identify the Channels, Shows, Companies, Brands, etc. to the viewer. Kamla and her hired goons kidnap Khushi before Survi sees her daughter. After many ups and down, Abeer and Khushi fall in love. He thinks Iccha is a spirit and Survi exposes her after knowing about her. Please. The two opposite personalities always rift before reaching a village and getting married forcibly. Kartik Barve is a 19-year-old boy; childish and impulsive, he lives with his mother, sister, uncle, aunt and cousins.

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